Two Fun Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day Projects for Preschool Children

Celebrate this terrific Irish holiday by making these two fun and easy projects aimed towards the preschool generation. This is the holiday when one thinks of shamrocks, leprechauns, and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. These simple kid-friendly preschool St. Patrick’s Day projects will have your class appreciating this unique holiday and feeling eager for St. Patty’s to arrive.

Hanging Cone Leprechauns

Bring the luck of the Irish to your preschool classroom. This project will delight the children when suspended from the ceiling and give them skills in following directions.

Materials Needed

  • Nine inch square of green construction paper
  • Three inch square of white paper
  • Two one-half inch by nine inch strips of green construction paper
  • Construction paper scraps in assorted colors
  • Eighteen inch piece of yarn
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Stapler (To be used by teacher)
  • Hole-punch
  • Seven or eight inch paper plate


To begin, supply all the children with a paper plate, safety scissors, a pre-cut nine inch square of green construction paper, and a marker. Have the children place the paper plate on top of the green construction paper. Now have the children trace around the paper plate to form a circle. Cut out the circle.

Fold the circle to form a cone. Staple the circle so that the top portion of the cone is smaller than the bottom portion of the cone. The smaller section will be used for his head. (The teacher should do the stapling for the children. It is a safety precaution for the children as they may get hurt.)

The next step is to provide each child with a three inch square of white paper, two, half inch by nine inch, strips of green construction paper, and glue. Have the children, using safety scissors, cut a circle from the three inch square of white paper. Glue the white paper onto the cone as a face.

Using safety scissors have the children cut the two half inch by nine inch strips of green construction paper in half. Glue the strips to the cone for the leprechauns’ arms and legs. Next, a variety of different colored construction paper should be given to the children. Allow the children to cut hands, shoes, buttons, a collar, and a hat for the leprechaun. (Teachers may choose to make a leprechaun in advance so that the children will have a better idea of what the project is supposed to look like.)

A small shamrock may be cut out from a scrap of green construction paper. Glue this shamrock to the leprechaun. (You can put this shamrock on his hat, on his hand, or on his clothing.) Using markers, decorate the leprechaun by adding facial features. (For example: hair, beard, mustache, or rosy cheeks.) The leprechauns’ clothing will also need to be decorated. (Buckles may be added to the leprechauns’ hat, belt, or shoes. Pockets and buttons may be added to the leprechauns’ clothing.)

On the top of the leprechauns’ hat, have the children punch a hole using a hole-punch. Next, tie a piece of yarn to the hole. As a safety precaution, the leprechauns should be hung by a teacher.

Floating Shamrocks

Materials Needed

  • Green poster board
  • Clear plastic thread
  • Tape
  • Safety scissors
  • Hole-punch


Have the children sit in groups around several small tables. Each group of children should be given sheets of green poster board and safety scissors. First, teachers may chose to reproduce a few shamrock patterns of various sizes for every group.

Have the children trace around the shamrock patterns on the green poster board until there are multiple shamrocks of various sizes. Now, have the children cut the shamrocks out of the green poster board. (Teacher assistants may be needed.)

Have the children punch a hole on the top of the shamrock using a hole-punch. The shamrock may be decorated with green glitter, children’s names, small pots of gold, and rainbows if desired. Tie a clear plastic thread through the punch hole on each shamrock. Suspend the shamrock from the ceiling by tape.

These cool projects are sure to be a hit. Allow your preschool class to express themselves through the art of an Irish tradition with a fun and interactive crafts. Enjoy this special day, and don’t forget to wear green!

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