Three Preschool Activity Ideas Using Harry the Dirty Dog Stories

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Most preschool children love the book about the little dog Harry that hates taking a bath. Here are some suggestions for preschool activities based on the book.

Teaching sequencing encourages multi-sensory learning as the children use seeing, hearing, and touching abilities for sequencing pictures and playing a sequencing game. Sequencing activities promote vocabulary and language arts skills, and the popular children’s book Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion provides plenty of material for creating original sequencing activities.

Sequencing Picture Activities

For a fun sequencing activity day, map out different sequencing activities in classroom centers. Let the children rotate to each center and perform fun activities.

Sequencing Pictures

Here is a list of the materials needed for creating the activities:

  • Picture of a white dog with black spots
  • Picture of a black dog with white spots
  • Brush
  • Bath tub
  • Little girl
  • Index cards
  • Laminating sheets

Let the children color the sequencing pictures. Help them glue the pictures to the index cards, and then laminate them. Let them place the sequencing pictures in the proper order and praise their efforts.

Sequencing Chart

These are the only materials needed for these Harry-related activities. In this section of activities, the children use their sequencing pictures to create a chart about the story.

  • Sequencing pictures from prior activity
  • 8 x 14" construction paper
  • Glue sticks
  • Crayons or markers

Give each child a piece of 8 x 14” construction paper. Let them tape or glue their sequencing pictures to the construction paper to make a sequencing chart. The children can decorate their charts or leave them plain. Allow the children to display their charts by taping them at an eye-level around the classroom. At the end of the day, send the charts home as a lesson reinforcement.

Sequencing Game

Playing this fun sequencing game encourages multi-sensory learning in several ways. Sand and water play is a favorite preschooler activity and an excellent way to incorporate activities about Harry the Dirty Dog.

Getting the toy dog dirty with the wet sand is a good tactile activity and so is rinsing the dog clean. The children hide the brush in the sand and then dig it up to exercise hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. The following supplies are needed:

  • Brush
  • Clean toy dog for sand and water activity
  • Sand table with wet and dry sand
  • Water table

The children play this sequencing game as a sand and water activity. Hiding the brush and finding it in the dry sand is a good tactile exercise. The toy dog gets dirty in the wet sand in one portion of the game, and then gets a bath in the next section. Encourage the students to re-tell the story in their own words as they play.

If the classroom does not have a sand and water activity center, a sand table is easy to create using cookie sheets and sand. Improvise a water table with a plastic dish tub.

A good ending to these preschool activities is by reading one of the other Harry the dog stories, like Harry by the Sea and No Roses for Harry.

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