Farm Theme Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas

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Bulletin boards are a fun way to let students practice a certain skill or learn new vocabulary. Try these farm theme ideas to help students learn more about the plants, animals and life on a farm.

  • For a counting bulletin board make ten barn shapes. On each barn door put a different number of dot stickers. Attach the barn to the board in two rows of five. On index cards write out the numerals that match the number of dots. Put a piece of Velcro under each barn and a piece on the back of each index card. Leave the cards out so that your students can match the numerals to the barn with the corresponding number of dots. Title the board “Barn Math” or Barn Counting.”

  • Make a farm scene on your bulletin board. Add pictures of different farm animals and write the names of each animal on sentence strips and put them under the pictures. Your students can use the board to learn to read and write the names of the different animals. You could title this bulletin board “Who Lives Down on the Farm?”

  • For a sorting bulletin board divide your board in half and label one side zoo and the other farm. Place pictures of different animals that can be found on farms or in zoos on the board and have your students sort the animals into the correct sections of your board.

  • Cut pictures of different types of farms (dairy farm, crop farm, etc) out of magazines. Back the pictures on colored construction paper and label the types of farms and hang them on a bulletin board. This will familiarize your students with different types of farms.

  • Give each student a small picture of a cow to color. One piece of construction paper for each child on your bulletin board. Then put the cows on top of the paper and glue a clothespin under the cows. Use the clothespins to hang student work and art projects. Title the board “Moovelous Work!”

These farm themed preschool bulletin boards are sure to be favorites with your preschool students. Use it along with a farm unit.