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Life on the Farm: A Kindergarten Unit

written by: ARobin • edited by: Laurie Patsalides • updated: 9/17/2013

This is the first of a series of five lesson plans created for the kindergarten classroom to teach the children about farms. The children will learn fun facts about farms through discussion, pictures, art, math and language games as well as a hands-on activity.

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    For today's lesson, you will begin a unit designed to introduce kindergarten children about fun farm facts. This week, they will learn about different kinds of farms. You will be able to locate books in your local library that contain real life photos of farms and the animals that live on them. If it is possible, plan a field trip to a farm, or have a farmer bring one of his animals for show and tell.

    Here are the things that you will need to present today's lesson:

    • Reproducible picture of a hat
    • Straw
    • Liquid glue
    • Pictures of a farm
    • Pre-cut sheep
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    Circle Time Discussion

    Discuss farm facts. If possible, show children colored pictures of farms.

    Farms are located in the country.

    Farmers raise animals on farms.

    Farmers grow fruits and vegetables on farms.

    Farms that have cows raised for milk are called dairies.

    Farms that have fruit trees grown on them are called orchards.

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    You will need:

    • A reproducible picture of a hat.
    • Straw (can be found in the floral department)
    • Liquid glue


    Copy the reproducible picture of a hat onto brown construction paper, one for each child.

    Instruct the children to glue sprigs of straw onto hat.

    Instruct children to cut out the hats.

    This art project will enhance fine motor skills as well as scissor skills

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    Math Skills

    Counting Sheep

    Pre-cut sheep

    Write numbers on sheep. (numbers 1-40)

    Have children draw and identify a number at random.

    Display numbered sheep in numerical order, skipping a number or two in the sequence, for example, 17,_,19,20,_,22,23.

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    Language Skills

    Make an alphabetical list of the things that we can get from a farm. Don't limit the list to the obvious farm productions such as milk, vegetables and fruit. Explain to the children that certain meat comes from certain animals (bacon comes from a pig).



    b-bacon (pigs)




    Continue the list from A-Z.

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    Reading Suggestions

    Pumpkin Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington

    The Rooster Who Refused To Crow by Thomas Crawford

Kindergarten Farm Unit

This is a five part series lesson plan designed for the kindergarten classroom. It this unit, children will learn fun facts about farms through discussion, pictures, art, hands on activities, math skills and language skills.
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