Three Color Activities for Preschoolers: Crafts & a Color Game

Three Color Activities for Preschoolers: Crafts & a Color Game
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Rainbow Craft

If you’re teaching your students about colors, you don’t want just another lesson plan. Preschool colors are integral to the curriculum, so

you want to make sure that students find the activities fun and engaging. Try some of these exciting ideas to do just that!

Sketch a picture of a rainbow coming out of a cloud (several arched lines stacked on top of each other) and make enough copies for each student to have one. Cut construction paper into strips about the same width of each line of the rainbow, and then cut the strips into small pieces. Put each color of construction paper pieces into a different plastic bowl. Encourage students to glue the pieces of paper onto their rainbow. Then give out cotton balls and encourage students to glue the balls to the cloud at the end of the rainbow. Label their creations and hang them around the room.

Pasta Strands

Create dyed ziti pasta in several colors. Have students split into pairs, and give each pair a handful of each color of pasta. Then give each pair two pieces of string. Show students how they can string their pasta to make a colorful necklace or headwrap. Have one student from each pair string his pieces first, and then cover them. Encourage this student to slowly tell his partner the order of his pasta pieces, and encourage his partner to try to copy the order. When they finish, have them lay their strands next to each other to check if they’re the same.

Run to the Color!

Tape one piece of each color of construction paper to the floor, in different places around the room. Start the game by saying “If you are wearing something red, go stand on the red paper.” Many students will rush to stand on the red paper. Then repeat this statement with another color. As students land on a color, have them show their peers which piece of clothing they have in that color (allow students to use any bit of color on a piece of clothing as “proof” that they are wearing that color).

This activity allows preschool students to run around while learning their colors during the lesson plan. (Take a look at this article for a lesson plan on mixing colors.) Preschool colors activities such as these will help them equate learning with fun!

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