A Handmade Paper Flower Craft for Preschool: A Special Gift for Mom, Dad or Grandparent

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Preschool students enjoy making art projects for their parents, and this handmade paper flower craft contains a personal message that all mothers and fathers will appreciate. Children won’t have to worry about their parents being lonely during the school day once this craft is completed!


Teachers will need to pre-cut the pieces of this paper flower craft. Children can then use their glue sticks to assemble them. Colors such as red, pink, orange, and yellow can be used to make the paper flower blossoms.

Materials needed:

  • Brown construction paper cut into flowerpot shape (2 per child)
  • Green construction paper cut into strips (3 per child)
  • Construction paper flower blossoms (mixed colors, 3 per child)
  • Glue sticks
  • Crayons


  1. Give each child two flowerpot-shaped papers. Show the class how to glue the sides and bottoms of the two pieces together to create a flowerpot with an open-slit top.

  2. Give each preschooler 3 strips of green paper and 3 flower blossoms. Instruct the children to glue one blossom onto the top of each green “stem”.

  1. Write the phrase “I Love You” on a piece of paper or whiteboard for the children to use for reference. Ask the students to write the word “I” at the base of one flower stem, “Love” at the base of a second stem, and “You” at the base of the final stem.

  2. Show the preschoolers how to slide the flower stems into the open tops of the flowerpots. The “I Love You” message should be concealed inside the pot.

Adding the Printed Poem

This little poem should be printed in advance on small strips of colored paper. After the children have assembled the craft for their parents, they will then glue the printed poem on the front of the flowerpot.

Read the poem aloud to the students:

When I am at school and you’re missing me,

Pick each flower and you will see, that…

Then show the children how to pull the flowers from the pot, one at a time, to finish the message with I Love You.

If desired, glue a magnet to the back of each flowerpot so that parents can attach their child’s craft to a refrigerator, file cabinet, or other convenient place.

This cute craft for preschool parents will serve as a visual reminder of the loving bond between family members. Encourage the children to recite this poem with Mom or Dad every morning before heading to school!

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