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Kindergarten Unit on Thanksgiving & Harvest: Day 3

written by: ARobin • edited by: Laurie Patsalides • updated: 10/27/2012

This the third day's lesson plan in a week-long unit on turkeys and Thanksgiving designed for the Pre-K or Kindergarten classroom. Today the class will be learning more about Thanksgiving traditions for the Pilgrims and how those compare to the modern holiday celebrations.

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    Materials Needed

    The Thanksgiving Story In today's activities, the class will learn more about turkeys and the first Thanksgiving. Here is a list of things that you will need to present this lesson:

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    Circle Time Discussion

    • Read the book "The Thanksgiving Story" to the class.
    • Discuss the story.
    • Compare the first Thanksgiving celebration to how we celebrate it today.
    • What do we have for Thanksgiving that the Pilgrims didn't have?
    • What did the Pilgrims eat that we do not eat today?
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    Art: Hand Print Turkeys

    No Thanksgiving unit is complete without this basic hand print project.

    • Allow children to choose a color of construction paper.
    • Instruct them to trace their hand prints on the paper.
    • Decorate the hand prints as turkeys, by using crayons or markers.
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    Math Skills: Missing Feather

    • On pre-cut feathers, write numbers 1- 30.
    • Display the feathers in a numeric sequence, skipping a number.
    • Instruct the children to identify the missing number.
    • Example: 12,13,15,16...what's missing?
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    Language Skills

    On note cards, write each child's recipe for cooking a turkey.

    Instruct the children to give step-by-step directions of the cooking process. Give the cards to the parents so they can enjoy the children's ideas.

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    Activity: Turkey Hunt

    • Seven children (these are the Pilgrims) stand up in a line, shoulder to shoulder, facing the other children.
    • The other children (the turkeys) cover their eyes with their hands so they cannot see.
    • Each of the seven tiptoe around the other children, taps one on the head and returns to the line.
    • When all seven children have tapped a child and returned to the line, instruct the children to open their eyes.
    • Each child is given a turn to guess which Pilgrim tapped him or her.
    • The first seven children who guess correctly will find a place in line and the game will start again.
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    Suggested Additional Reading

    Giving Thanks by Rita Walsh

    Disney's: Winnie The Pooh's Thanksgiving by Bruce Talkington

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