Interactive Writing Lesson Plan to Make a Shopping List

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Interactive Writing Lesson for Thanksgiving Pie

You are going to have your children create a shopping list for a pie that they have voted to have in class. There are two lesson plans on Bright Hub Education that you can use in tandem with this one. In the first lesson (below) students take a classroom vote about which pie they will have as a classroom treat. Then, once the students have voted on the type of pie that they would like and have learned to tell how many pies that the teacher should purchase, you can round out this lesson series by teaching the students how to make a shopping list.


ABC/phonics charts

Chart paper

Black marker

Correction tape (this can be a white, blank label)

Prior Knowledge:

Discuss other interactive writing lessons that you have done with the class thus far (classroom rules and procedures, books you’ve read, names, or labeling the room). Below, I have provided a link to read more interactive writing lessons that I have prepared.


Say, “Students, I have brought a sample of some lists that I have created from home. I recently had a birthday party for my daughter and I had to make several lists, one for food, one for party supplies and gifts, and one for invitations and thank you cards. Today, we are going to create a list of supplies that I need to take with me to the store to remember what to purchase for our Thanksgiving Day treat.” Ask the students what is different about a list than a sentence. Chart their responses at a later time and post in the classroom for them to refer to.

Show the students the chart paper and begin with a title. Let the students help; see if they come up with titles such as Party Supplies or Thanksgiving Day Party. Teach students to underline the title.

Next, brainstorm a list of food and supplies that you will need to purchase for the Thanksgiving Day celebration. When writing the list, be sure to indicate quantities. For example, as this is a math integration lesson, be sure to include the number of pies as well as the number of plates and cups that will be needed.

Create the list. The skill that you choose to work on during this interactive writing piece will vary by classroom, age and ability at this time of the school year. You may decide that the students are doing very well in writing beginning sounds, but are not using ending sounds or spacing. If so, then choose an area in which your class needs more practice.

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