Basic Math Activities for Kindergarten Students

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Shape Collages

One of the most basic math concepts is the idea that objects come in different shapes. Buy some cheap paper punchers to make construction paper into shapes, such as circles, squares, and triangles. Have students use the paper punchers to punch out shapes in construction paper and make piles of shapes. At first, help them to sort each type of shape into a different pile. Then let them use the shapes to make their own shape collages.

Noodle Necklace

You can make almost any art project into a fun math activity. For example, if you are making noodle necklaces by dying pieces of pasta and stringing them together, consider having the entire class count together as they put the same number of noodles on their necklaces. Then, have students hold their necklaces up to compare if they are all the same length.

Match the Number to the Object

If you teach a new number every week, consider creating a matching game that students create by adding to their number collections each week. To do this, pass out two note cards to each student. Help students print the number of the week onto one note card. Then, give them small objects (e.g., beads, sequins, buttons) and have them glue the correct number of objects onto the second note card. As students add more numbers and groupings to their note card collection, encourage them to play a game of matching. Have them turn the cards upside down and take turns trying to find matches of number to objects. This game is perfect for at-home practice as well.

One-to-One Correspondence Practice

A basic math concept that is important for kindergarten students to understand is one-to-one correspondence. Help students to master this concept by giving each of them a pile of dried beans and several circular (dot) stickers. Have them place their stickers in a row to a sheet of paper. Then, have them use the stickers to count out the dried beans. To do this, show them how to place one bean on each sticker and to say a number as they put down each bean: One…two…three.

These math activities for kindergarten kids will help to prepare them for the math concepts they’ll need in elementary school. And best of all, they’ll help students connect learning math with fun!

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