4th Grade Math Activities

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Mean, Median, and Mode Activity

Have students make a chart of their shoe sizes, their heights, and the number of people in their families. Then have them find the mean, median, and mode of each list. Discuss with them what they can learn from each of these values, and when they might use each. Then let students suggest another list, and find the mean, median, and mode of that list as well.

Converting Measurements

Converting from inches to yards, or from centimeters to meters, can be daunting to many 4th grade students. To help them connect to the assignment, consider using some real-life measurements. Have your students use the internet to look up several large measurements, such as the length of a football stadium, the height of the Statue of Liberty, the height of the tallest tree in the world, or the average length of a blue whale. You may also want to let them measure some long distances themselves, such as the length of the playground, a wall of the classroom, or the auditorium stage. Then let them measure several smaller objects, such as the bottom of their shoes, the length of their arms, or their arm span.

Have them make a chart of all of these measurements. Then let them choose a small measurement and a large measurement, and have them see how many of the smaller objects could fit into a large objects. For example, they might wonder how many shoes it would take to run the length of a football stadium. Have students present their findings to the class.


4th graders love having fun with rulers, and this 4th grade math activity will let them do just that. Have a measuring scavenger hunt with students around the playground or around the school. In groups, have them set out with rulers or tape measures to find objects with several estimated measurements, such as the following:

· 4 inches, rounded to the nearest inch

· 3 feet, rounded to the nearest foot

· 7.5 feet, rounded to the nearest tenth of a foot

· 2 yards, rounded to the nearest yard

As the groups come back, compare their findings. See whether any of them came up with the same objects.

These 4th grade math activities are a great way to help students learn math in a hands-on way. Try them today to bring your math class to life!

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