Parenting Preteens & Tweens

The tween and preteen years are busy. Your not-a-child and not-a-teen is adjusting to, well, just about everything! There are multiple classes to attend, myriad activities to try and clubs to join; there are growth spurts (or lack thereof) to endure, emotions to control; there are notes and books and lockers to organize, and, oh, you want them to actually learn something too? Find advice, opinion and tips for helping your child succeed and thrive during the middle school years, written and vetted by experienced parents, teachers and other educational professionals.

Top Tips for Raising a Motivated Reader

Reading is one of the most important academic fundamentals that schools teach. Though the technology of how we read has changed around us, the basic elements of Reading have not. Neither has the importance of the act of reading and how it follows us throughout our entire lives.

Five Great Jobs for Pre-Teens

If you have thought about helping your preteen get a job, it’s a great idea! It gives them a sense of responsibility, makes them feel good about themselves by using their skills to make their own money, and helps create confidence in them for future jobs.