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Italian Language Schools, Where are They? Part 1

Dual-Language immersion schools can be found throughout the United States. Popular languages include Spanish, Chinese and recently Arabic and French. The programs allow for the students to develop aptitude in academics in two separate languages. The students learn not only in their native language but also in the English language. Is it biased to only provide certain languages in these dual language programs? Why can one student learn in their own language, such as Spanish, while another learner can’t, such as Italian? This is because there are no dual language Italian schools.

There are however Italian Language Classes you can take on your own time. Many of these schools can be found in New York and in Illinois. In New York, the ABC Language Exchange offers superior language training to businesses and individuals. They work with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of learners. They also offer home-tutoring, private classes, semi-private classes, and children’s classes.

The Italian Academy Language School in Staten Island, NY is another option for those on the East Coast. Both children and adult programs are offered as well as mommy and me. Based on the child’s age, they sign up with a language learner group. An average class lasts 45 minutes to an hour and goes for the period of 8-12 weeks. Children ages 3-12 participate in the 12 week programs, once a week, in groups of 6-10 children. Children are immersed into the Italian language with vocabulary, games, songs, and stories. Adult classes last 6 weeks and have the four different levels of Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Advanced and Conversational.

The Italian Cultural Center in Chicago, Illinois is a non-profit organization which holds Italian language classes for both children and adults. These classes run year round and last for 30 weeks. Language classes range from beginner to conversational level. Sentieri, INC. is another option in Chicago which offers Italian Conversation, Cultural and Italian Literature Classes. They even offer CILS certification exam classes. Tele-classes as well as private tutoring are also available through this company.

Even though children from Italian backgrounds can not complete their schooling fully in a dual-language school, they do have other options. These are only a few schools readily available for Italian language learners. More schools and classes will be looked at in the next article: “Italian Language Schools, Where Are They? Part 2.”