Teaching Homophones: A Fun Homophone Lesson Plan

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What is a Homophone?

Write several lists of common homophones on the board, such as “ate” and “eight,” “hare” and “hair,” “pale” and “pail,” and “flower” and “flour.” Tell students that this list includes several pairs of homophones. Have a student volunteer to use one of the words in a sentence, and then have another volunteer to use the second word in the homophone pair in a sentence. Then give students several minutes to try to figure out what might be a definition of a homophone. Encourage students to write down their thoughts and share their answers with the class.

Homophone Pictionary

Have students play a variation of Pictionary with pairs of homophones. Call a student to the front of the class and give her a card with a pair of homophones written on it. Have her try to draw pictures of the two homophones on the board, and encourage the rest of the class to try to guess the correct pair of homophones. The first student to guess correctly can come to the front of the class and draw the next pair of homophones.

Silly Homophone Pictures

Using both words from a pair of homophones in a sentence can make for some silly sentences! Have students work in pairs to come up with a list of silly sentences. (If necessary, provide students with lists of homophones. Alternatively, have them brainstorm the list of homophones as a class before beginning this activity.) Then have each member of the pair choose a silly sentence to illustrate. Encourage students to share the results with their classmates. You may be surprised with their originality!

These fun methods of teaching homophones will help your students view the concept of homophones as fun. Before you know it, your students may be finding homophones everywhere, both in the classroom and out!

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