Homophone Activities Your Students Will Love

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Homophone Old Maid

This is a great card game that students can play in small groups. Give each group of about four students twenty pairs of cards with a homophone written on each card. Include one card in each set that says “Old Maid” on it. Deal out the cards as evenly as possible. Then have students take turns choosing a card from the hand of the student next to them. When a student has a match, they should call out “homophone!” and show both cards. To claim the match, the student must define each word in the homophone pair or use it in a sentence that shows that she knows the correct definition.


Have your students realized that many riddles have a homophone pair at its root? Give them several examples of homophone-based riddles, such as “What do you call a pony with a sore throat? A hoarse horse.” Then have them work in groups to create some homophone riddles of their own. Encourage them to share their riddles with the class and have the class try to guess the correct answer.

ABC Homophones

Have students work in small groups to try to come up with twenty-six homophone pairs, each of which begins with a different letter of the alphabet. Have groups race to see which one can get all twenty-six pairs first.

How Many Homophones in One Sentence?

How many homophone pairs can students use in one sentence? Divide the class into groups and have each group try to squeeze as many homophone pairs into a coherent sentence as possible. When they finish, have them illustrate the crazy sentence that they have created. Then have them share their sentences with the class.

These homophone activities are the perfect way to teach your students about homophones. Not only do they review the concept with students, they can also show students how homophones can be fun!

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