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Create Your Own Spy Gear Creative Writing Activity

written by: Kellie Hayden • edited by: Donna Cosmato • updated: 2/14/2012

James Bond had all of the great spy equipment. Somebody had to dream up those gadgets. It all starts with an idea of how to use every day items in a different way. Use this creative writing lesson to rev up the student's imaginations and to help them to write great descriptive pieces.

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    Creative Writing Lesson

    How can you help your students create their own spy gear? Creative writing involves creative thought. Help students to use their imaginations to dream up new items that James Bond, Carmen and Juni Cortez, or Alex Rider would be proud to use.

    Create Own Spy Gear Descriptive Paragraphs Connection to Novels

    For upper elementary students and younger middle school students, this lesson can be used with the novels Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams (Spy Kids) or Spy Kids Adventures #1: One Agent to Many [Mirimax], which is part of a series of books. For middle school students, try the Alex Rider series, which begins with Stormbreaker (Alex Rider) by Anthony Horowitz [Speak 2006].

    For more specific details about details, use Alex Rider: The Gadgets (Alex Rider Adventure) [Philomel, 2006] by Anthony Horowitz. The book gives specific details about the items plans and why it was used.

    Writing Lesson

    Students will write a descriptive paragraph detailing their new spy gear and how it can be used.

    Step 1 -- Discuss items that James Bond, Carmen and Juni or Alex Rider have used. For example, discuss the radio mouth brace, a car that turns into a submarine, a spy watch that has a walki-talki and a compass, etc.

    Brainstorm Use for Characters Like 007

    Step 2 -- Have students brainstorm everyday items that could become spy gear or gadgets. This could be done individually or as a class discussion.

    Step 3 -- Once students have settled on an item. They need to list details on how it could be used to as one. Then, they need to list how it can be used.

    Draw Diagram of Gadget

    Step 4 -- Next, the students need to draw out the item. This diagram should show how the everyday item becomes a a super secret double use item.

    Write Descriptive Piece

    Step 5 -- The students needs to write at least one or more descriptive paragraphs. There should be an introduction, body and conclusion.

    When you use the creative writing activity to create your own spy gear, you will come up with some pretty cool gizmos. Make sure that the students share their creation. Prizes could be given to most inventive. After they create the item, students could create a short story around the gadget.


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