Descriptive Writing Activities Using Cookies

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Writing About Cookies

When teaching descriptive writing, specific details make all of the difference. The descriptive paragraph writing activities using cookies lesson can motivate students to write a great description. For elementary students, this can be a lesson to practice writing descriptive paragraphs. For middle school students, this can be an introductory lesson for descriptive writing.

Cookie Preparation for Lesson

The students need to sit in groups of four-to-six students. Each group will need a plate of cookies. On each plate, there needs to be six cookies. The cookies should be somewhat similar in shape and size. For example, there could be a mix of homemade and store bought cookies. The types could be chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, snicker doodles, oatmeal raisin cookies, etc. It is important that each plate has exactly the same number of cookies and type of cookies.

Students will be eating the cookies, so food allergies need to be known in advance.

Team Directions and “Rules”

Split the class into four-to-six member teams. Tell the teams that each team member will need to choose a different cookie on the plate. If each person in the team describes the selected cookie well enough so that a different team can connect the right cookie with the written description, then the team will win cookies to eat.

To add difficulty to this task, blindfolded half or all of the members before they select a cookie. The blindfolded team members are allowed to eat the cookie before they write the description. The ones not blindfolded cannot eat the cookie, but they are allowed to look at the cookie.

After a set time or when the cookies are eaten, the left-over cookies need to be whisked away. The teacher or a trusted helper needs to write the type of cookie on the back of each person’s description paper.

Write a Good Description

Each student needs to write a description of the chosen cookie. The writer needs to add enough description so that another person can guess which cookie was chosen. The paragraph should have a topic sentence, three to five detail sentences and a conclusion.

Trade and Guess

Teams should trade papers and have a plate of cookies to view. Each team member should read one descriptive paragraph writing activities using cookies paper from a different team and guess which cookie the writer selected. The team with the most well written descriptions wins.

Source: author’s own experience.

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