Boxcar Children Book Test Questions: Surprise Island

Boxcar Children Book Test Questions: Surprise Island
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Surprise Island is the second book in the list of The Boxcar Children novels. The children are finished with school and it’s the first day of summer

vacation. Grandfather surprises them by letting them stay on his very own island for the summer. They are going to live in a barn and fend for themselves. This is exactly what these children love. No TV, no telephones or video games. They will harvest food from a garden, catch some seafood and eat a lot of bread and milk. There are only two other people on the island: Captain Daniel, who operates the boat going from the mainland to the island and stranger Joe, his friend. Check student comprehension with the following Boxcar Children Book test questions.

Character Questions

Word Bank:

Henry Grandfather Dr. Moore Mrs. Moore Joe Watch

Jessie Benny Violet Captain Daniel Morris Mike

Fill in the blank with one of the character’s names:

1. ________is the oldest of the four Alden children.

2. ________seems to know a lot for only being a handy-man.

3. Joe is teaching _____________to play a violin.

4.___________built cupboards for the dishes.

5. ___________lives in the little hut by the dock.

6. _____________wanted to bring her paints and paper to the island.

7. ______________wanted to bring his bear.

8. __________________brought ham and more dishes for a big dinner on the island.

9. ____________________and Captain Daniel kept the secret about Joe.

10. ______________________ has the job of putting the grocery list in the box on the dock and then picking up the groceries after Captain Daniels brought them from the mainland.

11. ___________________ is the family dog.

12. __________________ does most of the cooking for the family.

13. __________________ is Henry’s friend.

14. ________________ finds the treasure box buried in the sand.

15. _______________ saved the boy who was drowning.

16. _______________ is Grandfather’s nephew.

17._______________ owns the island.

18. _______________ warned the children to get out of the cave before the water got higher.

19. _________________ sent the children a box of sweaters.

20. _________________ taught the children how to catch lobsters.

Multiple Choice

Circle the correct answer:

1. When the children saw the stream of water shoot out of the sand they knew it was a:

a) turtle b) clam c) lobster

2. In the cave, Henry dug up:

a) an Indian arrowhead b) an old coin c) a treasure chest

3. Benny and Mike crawled into a cave and found:

a) an Indian ax b) an old bottle c) a knife

4. Mike found a treasure chest with money in it. How much money?

a) $100 b) 3 gold coins c) $5.00

5. Joe’s real job was:

a) musician b) head of the museum c) fisherman

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Joe want special people to dig out the Indian things instead of letting the children do it?

2. What did the children put in their own museum in the barn?

3. What did the children learn about catching lobster?

Answer Key

Character, fill in the blank:

  1. Henry 2) Joe 3) Violet 4) Henry 5) Capt. Daniel 6) Violet 7) Benny 8) Mrs. Moore 9) Dr. Moore 10) Benny 11) Watch 12) Jessie
  1. Morris 14) Mike 15) Joe 16) Joe 17) Grandfather 18) Watch 19) Grandfather 20) Captain Daniel

Circle the correct answer:

1. b 2. a 3.b 4.c 5. b

Short Answer:

1. (Page 164) The men are trained and have special tools and will work slowly and carefully so nothing is missed. The items will go in a bigger museum.

2. Different kinds of seaweed, shells, flowers, butterflies, Indian arrowhead, ax-head and bowl

3. The lobster pot has fish heads in it for bait. The pot is attached to a long rope. On the other end of the long rope is a float which stays on top of the water. When you find the float, pull up the lobster pot from deep in the water. Hopefully it is filled with lobsters. Watch out for the claws.

Your students will enjoy Surprise Island, the second book in the list of The Boxcar Children novels. Use these Boxcar Children book test questions to see how well each student comprehended and retained the information that was read. Or, instead of using it as a test, you can use the questions to play a game with your students.


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