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Spanish Vocabulary Using Your Favorite Music and Artists

written by: KellenKautzman • edited by: Tricia Goss • updated: 1/17/2012

Do you like music? And who is your favorite singer or group? This article will help you express yourself about your musical preferences in Spanish. A download is available to help with the vocabulary and pronunciation.

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    Do you like music?

    Music Vocabulary for the Spanish Classroom We all listen to music from time to time. Music is all around. And everybody likes a specific type of music or singer, from classical to rock, pop or alternative. So, why don't we learn how to express our preferences about music in Spanish?

    This article includes vocabulary and expressions related to music styles, most common verbs, list of instruments and how to express your preferences.

    If you are teaching a Spanish class, you can easily use these vocabulary lists to help you design games, conversations, and activities regarding your students' favorite music. The following are expressions that students can use to begin music related conversations.

    If your students, or you, are having trouble with Spanish listening, feel free to read this article on how to increase Spanish listening comprehension.

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    Expresiones (Expressions)

    ¿Quén es tu cantante favorito? or ¿Qué cantante te gusta más? - Who's your favorite singer?

    Mi cantante favorito es... - My favorite singer is...

    Mi grupo favorito es... - My favorite group is...

    ¿Has escuchado la nueva canción de...? - Have you listened to ….......'s new release?

    Me gusta mucho esta canción. - I like this song a lot.

    ¿Vas a ir al concierto? - Are you going to the concert?

    Me gusta esta emisora de radio porque emiten música de los años ochenta. - I like this radio station because the broadcast music from the 80's.

    Me gusta la música clásica, y en concreto la música de Morzart. - I like classical music, specifically Mozart's music.

    El hip-hop es muy popular ahora pero a mí no me gusta. - Hip-hop is very popular now but I don't like it.

    Prefiero la música pop al reggaeton. - I prefer pop music to reggaeton.

    He aprendido a bailar el vals y la salsa. - I have learned to dance the waltz and salsa.

    Ayer fui a un concierto y me encantó – Yesterday I went to a concert and I enjoyed it.

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    Vocabulario General -sustantivos- (General Vocabulary -substantives-)

    el acorde – the chord

    el altavoz – the loudspeaker

    el auditorio – the auditorium

    el / la artista – the artist

    la banda – the band

    la banda sonora – film music

    el / la barítono – the baritone

    la canción – the song

    el / la cantante – the singer

    el canto – the singing

    el cd / el disco compacto– the cd

    la cinta – the tape

    el compositor – the composer

    el concierto – the concert

    el coro – the chorus

    el cuarteto – the quarter

    el director de orquesta – the conductor

    el disco – the record

    la escala – the scale

    el grupo – the group

    el instrumento – the instrument

    la letra – the lyrics

    la lista de éxitos – the charts

    la melodía – the melody

    la música – the music

    la música de baile – dance music

    la música de cámara – chamber music

    la música de fondo – the background music

    la música electrónica – electronic music

    la música sinfónica – symphonic music

    el / la músico – the musician

    la orquesta – the orchestra

    la ovación – the ovation

    la partitura – the score (musical)

    el pentagram – the staff

    el recital – the recital

    el ritmo – the rhythm

    el sencillo – the single

    la sinfonía – the symphony

    el solista – the soloist

    el sonido – the sound

    el / la soprano – the soprano

    el / la tenor – the tenor

    el tocadiscos – the record player

    el vídeo musical – the music video

    el vocalista – the vocalist

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    Vocabulario General -verbos- (General Vocabulary -verbs-)

    aplaudir – to clap

    bailar – to dance

    cantar – to sing

    componer – to compose

    escuchar – to listen

    sonar – to sound

    tocar (un instrumento) – to play an instrument

    tocar de oído – to play by ear

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    Estilos musicales (Musical styles)

    el blues - blues

    el gospel - gospel

    el heavy metal – heavy metal

    el hip-hop – hip hop

    el jazz – jazz

    la música clásica – classical music

    la música disco – disco music

    la música folklórica – folk music

    la música pop – pop music

    la ópera – the opera

    el rap – rap

    el reggae – the reggae

    el reggaeton – the reggaeton

    el rock – rock

    la salsa - salsa

    el vals – the waltz

    la zarzuela – Spanish operetta

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    Instrumentos (Instruments)

    el amplificador - the amplifier

    el arpa – the harp

    el bajo – the bass guitar

    la batería - the drums

    el bombo - the bass drum

    las castañuelas – the castanets

    el chelo – the cello

    el clarinet - the clarinet

    el fagot – the bassoon

    la flauta - the flute

    la guitarra – the guitar

    la guitarra acústica – the acoustic guitar

    la guitarra eléctrica – the electric guitar

    los instrumentos de cuerda – the brass instruments

    las maracas – the maracas

    el mezclador de sonido – the sound mixer

    el oboe – the oboe

    el órgano – the organ

    la pandereta – the tambourine

    la percusión – the percussion

    el piano – the piano

    los platillos - the cymbals

    la púa - the plectrum

    el saxofón - the saxophone

    el sintetizador – the synthesizer

    el tambor – the drum

    el trombón – the trombone

    la trompeta - the trumpet

    la tuba - the tuba

    el violín - the violin

    el violonchelo - the cello

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    Available documents for download:

    Word document: Vocabulary - Talking about music.

    Sound file: All About Music - Spanish Vocabulary