Keeping Homeschool Records

The needs and requirements of homeschool record-keeping in the US vary significantly depending on the state you live in and the teaching philosophy you have adopted. Some homeschooling families follow a more traditional curriculum where progress is regularly documented, while others believe in more child-led learning, where a student progresses not by 'standard school years' but by the strengths and interests of the child. Whatever your teaching philosophy, if you live in a state that requires some form of charting and record keeping - and chances are you do -- you'll appreciate the advice and information provided here by experienced homeschooling families.

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    Certain states require specific assessments of a homeschooled student on a regular schedule. Regardless of requirements, for parents’ own peace of mind, assessing performance is an important part of developing learning objectives
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  • Issuing Progress Reports When Homeschooling
    Schooling at home offers a lot of freedom. With that said, I do find that regular schools have a lot of things that they are doing right. In such cases, I try to implement them into our school year at home. Progress reports are one of the things you should consider using when homeschooling.
  • Guide to Homeschool Recordkeeping Software
    Make sense of it all and get organized. Filing and keeping track of documents, assignments, and ideally grades is a benchmark to homeschooling. Sort through the many homeschool recordkeeping software packages out there with this article as a guide.
  • How to Create and Issue Report Cards for Homeschooling
    When homeschooling, report cards are not necessary in some states, but they are very beneficial to both parent and child. The grades give the parents a sense of how well a child is doing or the areas the child needs to work on. For a child it gives them a goal to work toward.
  • Keeping Track of Your Child's Grades When Homeschooling
    If you are new to homeschooling you may not be sure how to keep track of your child's grades. It really isn't hard once you understand the big picture and why you are doing so in the first place.