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A Quiz to Help High School Students Assess Their Work Skills

written by: Anne Vize • edited by: Sarah Malburg • updated: 9/11/2012

Many students reach the end of their formal schooling days convinced they are about to take the world by storm. But are they really work ready? Give them this quick career quiz to help them find out if they're ready for a real job.

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    What Is 'Ready For Work?'

    Being ready for work from a student's point of view means having the skills and knowledge to function effectively in a work environment. Students must be able to:

    • Communicate clearly with others
    • Accept direction and instruction
    • Remember and carry out tasks
    • Be able to organize themselves and their work materials
    • Be motivated to attend and perform every work day
    • Understand how to stay safe in a work setting
    • Understand the functions of their job
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    Ready for Work Quiz

    Give your students this ten-question career quiz, then discuss their answers in small groups to help them learn from their responses.

    1. Do you get along well with most people?

    YES NO

    2. Are you able to understand and follow directions?

    YES NO

    3. Do you carry a diary, mobile phone or notepad for recording information?

    YES NO

    4. Do you have a phone and / or email address?

    YES NO

    5. Do you come to school every day (except when you ar sick)?

    YES NO

    6. Do you think safety at work is important?

    YES NO

    7. Can you think of three tasks you would need to do at any job?

    YES NO

    8. Can you respect people who have a different opinion than your own?

    YES NO

    9. Can you work with people who are from a different cultural or language background to your own?

    YES NO

    10.Have you ever done any work experience or volunteer work?

    YES NO

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    In general, students should answer with mostly 'YES' responses to this quiz if they are ready for work. To some extent, their answers will be a function of their experiences to date and their personal work preferences. It is wise as a teacher to assess each student individually in relation to work readiness, as all students grow, learn and develop at different rates. While some students are ready for working at 16, others may not be really comfortable in a work environment until a few years later.

    It can be helpful to encourage students to volunteer in a range of settings or to do work experience, as this helps them build their skills, experiences and understanding of what it means to be a worker. This career quiz for high school students provides a gentle introduction to some simple work readiness and work preparation skills that will be needed in later life.

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    Read More About It

    More information about skills to help students get ready for work are in this article on teamwork and team skills and activties for the classroom:

    Vize, Ann. Teaching Teamwork to Teenagers, at Bright Hub Education.