The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Vocabulary Lesson

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Vocabulary Lesson
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Preparing Your Lesson

Timeframe/Grade Level: This lesson is designed for high school students and can be taught in about 30-60 minutes.

Objective: Introduce vocabulary words and definitions for The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Vocabulary development, fluency, and word recognition are encouraged by using a fun game.

Prior Knowledge: This lesson builds on independent student reading, classroom discussions, and other lessons in the unit lesson plans for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Materials Needed:

All you need to teach this simple lesson are a couple of soft foam balls and copies of the vocabulary word bank. If you would like to use the vocabulary list for homework, a quiz, or a study guide, please click here to download it without the definitions.

Vocabulary Word Bank Needed

  1. Acquiesce - (v) to agree
  2. Allusion - (n) indirect mention
  3. Apocryphal - (adj) of dubious authenticity
  4. Apprehend - (v) arrest or take into custody
  5. Blasphemous – (adj) irreverent
  6. Calamity - (n) a disaster
  7. Conflagration – (n) uncontrolled fire
  8. Coquette – (n) seductive woman
  9. Depravity – (n) moral perversion
  10. Disinterment – (v) dig up dead body
  11. Duplicity – (n) deceptiveness
  12. Ebullient – (n) zestfully enthusiastic
  13. Enigmatic – (n) – mysterious or puzzling
  14. Florid – (adj) flowery prose or ruddy color
  15. Impervious – (adj) incapable of being penetrated
  16. Incipient – (adj) beginning to exist
  17. Labyrinthine – (adj) maze
  18. Malefactor – (n) criminal
  19. Multifarious – (adj) great variety
  20. Obsequious – (adj) attempting to win favor by flattery
  21. Pedantry – (n) inappropriate display of learning
  22. Propriety – (n) appropriate behavior
  23. Ruminate (n) think or meditate about
  24. Sedulously – (adj) persistently or carefully maintained
  25. Violent – (adj) acting with great force

Teaching the Lesson

Try this fun game to help the students learn the definitions for the vocabulary words. Divide the class into groups to study the words. Students take turns pitching a soft foam ball to another student.

Here’s how it works: the pitcher gives the catcher a word to define. If the student defines the word, he gets to pitch the ball to another student, and the play revolves around the circle. If the catcher cannot define the word, she must leave the circle and look up the definition for the word, write it out, and bring the definition back to the circle as a pass for re-admittance to the game. Play continues around the circle until all the words are defined or class time is up.

This lesson introduces key vocabulary terms used in the novella. Students define these words and understand them in the context of the story. To extend the lesson, download the vocabulary list, and use it for homework or a study guide.


  • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson

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