Creative Book Report Ideas: A Short Story PowerPoint Student Project

Creative book report ideas inspire students to read more, and we've got a great one right here.

Computer in the Classroom

I made this lesson plan as user friendly as possible. Simply copy, paste, and modify to suit your needs. You can assign all the activities or just a couple. It can be done with short stories or longer selections; you can assign it to individuals or to groups.

PowerPoint Student Project

Some of the most effective creative book report ideas involve technology. This powerpoint student project is no exception. It can be used for children's books, young adult books, or literary classics.

1. Choose a short story between 8-20 pp. in length.

2. Bring the short story to class by _______. I must approve your short story. No duplicate stories are allowed. You may not choose a story you have read in this class. You may not choose a story that I can be reasonably assured you have read for another class.

3. You must turn in a copy of the story.

4. For your short story you must TYPE a test that includes the following types of questions:

  • 10 multiple choice questions: These questions should involve analysis and the use of literary elements; simply asking factual questions will not get you an ‘A’
  • 10 true/false questions: These are fact-finding questions
  • 5 matching questions involving vocabulary words: Your vocabulary words should be words that a reasonable 10th grade student would not understand without assistance.
  • An essay question: You must answer your own essay question (4 paragraphs).
  • You must provide an answer key.This portion of the assignment is worth 150 points and is due on ________.

5. You must create a puzzle/game involving your short story. can help you with this part of the assignment. This portion of the assignment is worth 25 points.

6. You must make a power point presentation with the following information:

  • One slide must have approximately one paragraph on the author.
  • One slide must have a list of the author’s works.
  • You must have a five slide summary of major events in the story.
  • You must have 2 slides of analysis: pick elements of literature and analyze how it contributes to the story’s theme or the author’s purpose.
  • You must have a slide that gives a paragraph review of the short story.

You must have a slide with a works cited page in MLA format: you need to list at least 5 sources.This portion of the assignment is due on _________ and is worth 175 points.

We will be going to the library for research on _________.

We will be going to the computer lab on _________ to work on the PowerPoint project.

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