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Jingles and Slogans Activities for Advertisement Lesson

written by: Kellie Hayden • edited by: Laurie Patsalides • updated: 1/17/2012

Students will play a game to learn about jingles and slogans used in advertisements. Then, they will work in cooperative groups to create their own new brand name, slogan and jingle for three items. Later, they will create a commercial based on one item.

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    Jingles and Slogans

    Jingles and slogans are created to be remembered and to sell products. The purpose of the game is to see if students know some jingles and slogans of current products in the market place. Definitions of jingle and slogan are included in the lessons in this series. After the game, discuss why the students remembered the slogans.

    Slogans Game

    Ask for volunteers. Make three teams of two students each. If a buzzer system is not available, use the "first-hand-up" method. Read the slogan and see what team can guess the most slogans.

    List of Slogans and Companies

    "Do the Dew" -- Mountain Dew

    "Have it your way" -- Burger King

    "Need a moment" -- Twix

    "Zoom, zoom" -- Mazda

    "I'm loving it" -- McDonald's

    "Eat fresh" -- Subway

    "Open happiness" -- Coke

    "Let's build something together" -- Home Depot

    "Refresh everything or Every generation refreshes the world" -- Pepsi

    "Drive one" -- Ford

    "Taste the rainbow" -- Skittles

    "It's way better than fast food" -- Wendy's

    "A simpler way to ship" -- U.S. Postal Service

    "Moving forward" -- Toyota

    "It's good to play together" -- X Box

    Small Group Creations

    After students have played the game, place them in small cooperative groups of three to four students. Each group will need to design a new name, slogan and jingle for at least three items. For each item, the group should use a separate piece of copy paper. These will become mini posters to hang up in the room later.

    Select six to ten random items viewable for all of the groups. These items can be pictures of cars, boxes or cans of food, toys, houseware items, electronic items, game systems, school supplies, etc.

    The groups should have around 20 minutes to make a new name, slogan and jingle for the three items. The posters should be creative, colorful and neat. The slogans and jingles should be memorable.

    Commercial Competition

    Each group should select one of the posters. A "commercial" should be created around the item. The poster does not have to be used, however the new name, slogan and jingle should be used. The team with the best commercial should win a small prize.

Advertisement Lesson Series

This series of lessons will teach students the basics of advertising. Part one of this series will give a list of advertising definitions A-M. Part two will give definitions P-W. The other three lessons will teach students how to identify the terms in ads in a variety of media.
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