Create a Monster Frankenstein Lesson Plan: High School Lesson on Analylzing Frankenstein Characters

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Frankenstein Character Creation Objectives & Preparation

Any time you decide to have fun in school, you better have clear learning objectives; otherwise, somebody might find out your class enjoys learning and you could get in trouble.

  1. Students will read, discuss, and analyze Frankenstein characters.
  2. Students will write about Frankenstein characters.
  3. Students will discuss and analyze character motivation_._
  4. Students will make predictions and analyze plot_._
  5. Students will review major events_._
  6. Students will use textual evidence to support opinions.

Supplies needed: construction paper of various colors, glue, scissors, writing instruments.


Vary these procedures to fit your class dynamics:

  1. Read at least until the part where Frankenstein brings the creature to life in chapter 5. For best results read past the point where the monster tells his story to Victor in chapter 16.
  2. Divide students into groups of 3-5.
  3. Give each group the exact same supplies: 2 pieces of colorful construction paper (each group can have different colors), a glue stick, and a pair of scissors.
  4. Each group must construct a creature. Give no instructions as to what the creature should look like. Let them be creative.
  5. In addition to constructing a monster, each group should do the following:
    • Write a poem about the monster.
    • Write a poem to the monster from another character.
    • Write a poem from the monster to another character.
    • Make a characterization chart of the monster, using specific facts and quotations from the story.
    • Make five predictions about what the monster will do in the remaining chapters.
    • Present the monster and the poem(s) to the class.
  6. Nurture the creature so he doesn’t come back and ruin your life.

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