Lord of the Flies Travel Brochure: Short Lesson Plan Idea

Lesson Instructions

Assignment: create a travel brochure for the deserted island inhabited by the boys in Lord of The Flies with the purpose of encouraging people to visit. This assignment works best as a group project.

  1. Prewriting – Review Golding’s description of the setting. In Lord of the Flies, the setting takes on special significance, becoming almost a character. Your task is to make the creepers and the scar a sight-seeing activity, for example. The brochure should also include references to culture, food, weather, special events, and anything else that may be of interest to a tourist.
  2. Prewriting – Brainstorm a list of attractions and characteristics of the island.
  3. Prewriting – Design the brochure. It should be about 4-6 pages. It should include illustrations, charts, maps, and well designed informational sections.
  4. Drafting – Start with the most attractive elements of the island and why the general public should visit it. The first page is the most important. You must attract the readers’ attention on page 1; otherwise, the brochure will end up in the garbage can.
  5. Drafting – Follow your design.
  6. Revising – Add details. Descriptive language works best in a travel brochure. Include testimonials from people who have been there (think characters from Lord of the Flies).
  7. Revising – Make sure the first page captures the reader’s attention and shows what the place is like. The remaining pages should develop the ideas introduced in the first page. Make sure to use sensory language and description.

You’ll find that this travel brochure lesson plan works well with other novels too. I’ve used it for the Great Gatsby, Treasure Island, Ender’s Game, and Old Man and the Sea. Feel free to suggest other novels that would work by leaving a comment.

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