Shakespeare Websites & Webquest Questions for a Class Research Project

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Good Online Resources (4 out of 5)

Unfortunately, the new Shakespeare Online is rarely updated and contains so many irrelevant links that it’s not worth the time., although not as extensive, is more reliable. Enotes and are pretty good too. Another good resource is Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.

Website Questions

These questions can be answered with a simple Google search. The above mentioned sites are a good place to start for noninternet savvy students.

  1. Provide the following biographical information on William Shakespeare: birthdate, birthplace, his first school, Shakespeare’s parents?
  2. List five histories, five tragedies, and five comedies Shkespeare wrote.
  3. Write a 3-5 sentence summary for one play from each category.
  4. What is the theme of sonnet 60?
  5. List five Romeo and Juliet essay topics.
  6. Take a Shakespeare Quiz. Record your score.
  7. Write down the web address of five different Shakespeare websites and give a brief summary of what each contains.
  8. How many sonnets did Shakespeare write?
  9. What is the opening line to Sonnet 18?
  10. Why did Shakespeare’s theater close in 1592?
  11. What was Shakespeare’s first play and when did he write it?
  12. What were the names of Shakespeare’s twins?
  13. What was Shakespeare’s first published play?
  14. List at least one famous quote from 10 different plays.

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