ESL Lesson Plan Template and Worksheet For Your Students

ESL Lesson Plan Template and Worksheet For Your Students
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What Is Your Objective?

Writing the objective is easy with your downloadable ESL lesson plan template. Start with the words, “The students will…” By telling the reader what the students will do, you are informing him of the goal of the lesson. Writing a clear objective will also help you create an appropriate assessment.

Objective Example

Objectives: Students will be able to recognize the words “will” and “going to” as examples of the future tense.

  • Students will use the words “will” and “going to” in complete sentences, both written and spoken.

  • Students will differentiate between past, present, and future tense sentences by listening alone.


In the pre-lesson section, write about the students’ learning leading up to the current lesson and information students will need to know before they can complete today’s lesson effectively. The pre-lesson is important because it gives the lesson a position in the grander scheme of things. It also lets any observer, principal, mentor, or other teacher understand where the students should be, given what you have taught them in the past. To use the ESL template to its fullest you should also learn ways to add more dialogue to your ESL class and add more listening activities for your ESL students.



Research your school’s and your state’s standards. Write those that you are working toward in this area. Having the standards in mind is a great way to make sure that you are writing quality lessons, being totally confident that the lesson is addressing the needs of your students from your perspective, the school’s, the district’s, and the state’s.

The Introduction Provides the Layout

The introduction should have a layout of the day’s events. Oftentimes it is good to have this same layout available for the students as well. The introduction should be something that draws the students in. It should be captivating, interesting, and worth paying attention to.



Give a step-by-step walkthrough of each five-minute interval in your ESL lesson plan template. Detail what the students and teacher will be doing throughout the entire lesson. It is a good idea to have a plan B written in your schedule for students who take a longer or shorter time to complete a goal. This differentiated learning strategy, written into the lesson plan, is a great way to run a smooth class and impress the administrator.

Speaking / Listening / Reading / Writing

Nearly every ESL class should contain these basic language skills. You should make sure that you are covering these four basic categories in the majority of your classes. This benefits your ESL students, making them well-rounded English learners.


This section is for the informal and formal assessments that you administer during the lesson. Feel free to attach an ESL assessment (downloadable here) to the template itself. The assessments should be directly correlated with the day’s objectives. The template works with any ESL lesson plan. In addition, it can be modified to fit your needs.

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