Christmas Musical Show For Elementary Students: Announce the Musical With Posters

Christmas Musical Show For Elementary Students:  Announce the Musical With Posters
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This is an article in an ongoing series about conducting a musical or play for the elementary classroom teacher. The topics covered have been, planning the musical, music and song selection for the musical, and teaching the songs.

Announcing a classroom musical or play within the school has the potential to integrate several content areas. Students will be reading, writing, speaking, creating art, and learning about culture.

Creating Posters


Poster board

Art Materials (markers, pencils, crayons, paint)

Prior Knowledge:

Remind students that they are a part of a musical and have them write down the date. They have been practicing their songs for a while by now. Show them posters or images of an actual Broadway Show. Students will likely know The Lion King from past experience.


Closely examine the Broadway show posters or images (to the right) with the students. Notice that the picture is usually larger than the words, but not always (as in The Rocketts). Notice that the title is very large and all of the letters are capitalized in the title. It is written in this way to draw attention to the title. Notice at the very bottom of the poster there is a reference to Broadway. Students may decide

Mary Poppins

to write the school’s name there.

Talk to the students about theater and Broadway shows. Talk about the theaters in your city and if any Broadway shows are coming in the near future. If possible, talk to the principal about scheduling a school-wide field trip to one of them.

Ask the students about images that they could use to describe the musical or play that they will partake in. Tell them that the goal is to make a beautiful poster, like the examples, with the image large and the words written in capital letters, or the words written very large, and in capital letters, with a small picture.


Show the students a model of a poster that you have made from a previous school musical or classroom play as another example.

Pass out poster board and art supplies. Have the students plan and sketch their ideas first. Approve them before the students begin

Rockettes Christmas Spectacular

to use the art materials. This will also help with management as students will work at their own pace.

This project would be well managed as a free time activity. Students can work where they are comfortable and with a partner. The teacher can provide a paint area, a marker area, and a crayon area, for example.

Teachers of younger children may decide to trace a very fine, pencil line for students to write the words upon. Also have the title of the musical displayed clearly for correct spelling.


Did the students follow the format or did they find another creative way to announce the musical?


Use computer images and have students create one on a computer to share with families.

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