Musical Play in the Box Review: Great Option for Classroom Musicals or Productions

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Overview (5 out of 5)

I highly recommend this teacher resource for any classroom teacher that has been told to produce a play for the school and does not have a musical background. It makes planning and preparing for a musical easy for the teacher. This is such a wonderful teacher resource for those who are not musically inclined. It has everything you need to produce a meaningful and delightful play. The best part about Musical Play in the Box is that it is age (grade level) appropriate, so the students really enjoy it.

I used the teacher guideline to Musical Play in the box, in the classroom in several ways:

  • We did a musical for the school. It was very successful. I also followed the advice in the teacher guide and made the musical into an instructional theme. The musical that we did was called, The Lost Mitten. It is similar to Jan Brett’s book, The Mitten, so we compared and contrasted the musical and the book on a bulletin board. All of the musicals are literacy related.
  • We did the activities and crafts to reinforce learning.
  • I also did a small production with one of the plays, for dramatic play.
  • I used the costumes from one of the plays for a harvest party. We studied farmers and farm animals and used the costumes to “be” a farmer or farm animal.

Basic Information

Website: Twin Sisters Productions (navigate to school musicals)

Grade Level: Prekindergarten-Kindergarten, Kindergarten-First Grade, First Grade-Second Grade, Second Grade-Third Grade, and Third Grade-Fourth Grade.

Included in a 3- Ring Binder you will receive:

  • Production Tips- how to hold the production
  • Production Schedule- how to stay on track with practicing and preparation
  • Two CD’s- CD 1 is for rehearsal (it has a narrator), CD 2 is for the performance (is just the music)
  • How to Make Scenery
  • 3 Unique Musical Plays

Each Musical Provides:

  • A script
  • A setting for the musical for you to create
  • Music song sheets- for those who read music and play piano
  • Costume Instructions- you will need poster board
  • Costume Templates- are beautiful and children make them
  • Staging Instructions, with a stage diagram
  • Activities and crafts to reinforce the learning (this can be made into a whole theme)
  • Promo instructions, including posters and invitations

Last Notes

Using the Musical Play in a Box for your next classroom musical will take less time and preparation than creating the whole musical yourself. It can be used across the curriculum in art, language arts and math. From experience, students really enjoy these musicals and life-size costumes.

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