Use this Classroom Organization & Management Checklist to Stay Organized All Year

Use this Classroom Organization & Management Checklist to Stay Organized All Year
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Assignments to grade, field trip money to collect, assessments to administer, one-on-one conferencing…how does a busy teacher keep track of it all? It is simple when you design a multi-purpose checklist that is personalized to your classroom.

Here’s how to create this classroom management tool. Divide a piece of paper into two columns. If you teach many different subjects, you will list each along the top. Remember to include the word “Other” for those unspecified needs! Below the list of subjects, include a blank line for writing the name of the specific task or assignment and the date.

The next step is to list the first name of every student in your class. Some teachers prefer to keep the list alphabetical, so that students are able to locate their own names quickly and effortlessly. Others prefer to list students according to their seat assignments. If you issue your students numbers, you may wish to substitute those numbers for each student’s name. Below is an example:

Sample Checklist

These may be cut apart to use as individual checklists when collecting assignments, gathering permission forms, assigning field trip groups, keeping track of student conferencing, library book returns, book report presentations - just about anything you need to manage! Parent helpers will find your organized list helpful when calling students to work with. You can even teach individual responsibility by requiring your students to cross of their own name or number when handing in assignments:

Who has Handed in Their Homework?

If you teach only one subject, this can be modified by including only the blank line for listing the assignment or task, and then adding the list of names or numbers for students in each of the periods you teach. Simply clip the list to each stack of papers or assignments, and you are good to go!

When used consistently, the checklist is one of the best classroom organization tips you will ever receive!

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