Chinese Lesson Plans for Secondary Grades 6-12

Mandarin is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world making it an increasingly popular subject of study. This can be a challenging language to teach, but we have plenty of resources to help the Chinese language teacher out. Find teaching tips, lesson plans and activities to make the material comprehensible to your students. We also have sample quizzes, information and lessons on additional Chinese dialects as well as guides to teaching Chinese characters and writing.

Lesson Plan on Chinese Adverbs of Frequency (频率副词【pínlǜfùcí】): Similarities & Differences of 常常, 经常, and 往往【chángcháng, jīngcháng and wǎngwǎng】

The usages of Chinese adverbs of frequency (频率副词的用法【pínlǜfùcí de yòngfǎ】) 常常, 经常, and 往往【chángcháng, jīngcháng and wǎngwǎng】 often confuse beginners. If you are new to teaching Chinese, especially adverbs of frequency (频率副词【pínlǜfùcí】), here is a step-by-step lesson plan on the differences.
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