Preschool Sunday School Lesson for One-Year-Olds: God Made Us All

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Engaging the Youngest

Deciding on what sort of lesson to teach a group of one year olds can be a difficult task for any Sunday School teacher. As the youngest of the toddler age group, one year olds have very short attention spans and cannot communicate the same way as older toddlers. However, there are still ways to give them a valuable Sunday School lesson that will keep them interested and instill in them the important lessons of the Bible. Here is a look at a preschool Sunday School lesson for one year olds that is not only easy to teach but fun as well!

God Made Us All

Start the Introduction With Bright Pictures

Introducing the preschool Sunday School lesson for one year olds about how “God Made Us All” is actually very simple! Sunday School teachers should try to get the one year olds to sit as still possible and make sure there are no distractions. Some supplies teachers will want to have at hand for this lesson are bright pictures of the earth animals, trees, bugs and various pictures of people of all shapes, sizes and colors. Pictures of other babies will also help to keep their attention.

Teachers should then start with pictures of the earth and give a short explanation of how God created the earth and then move on to pictures of animals, bugs and then pictures of the people, saving pictures of the babies for last.

Once the Sunday School teachers have reached the pictures of the babies they can incorporate other lessons by pointing out the eyes, nose, mouth and hair on the pictures of the babies and explaining each part and what it is. While they may still be too young, teachers can ask the one year olds to point to their noses, mouths and eyes so they will associate it with the pictures and the lesson.

Add Some Music

Sing Some Songs After the Lesson

Incorporating music into your preschool Sunday School lesson is another great way to keep their attention! While they will not yet be able to sing along themselves, all little ones love music and will enjoy getting up, singing and clapping. Sunday School teachers should try simple songs such as “Jesus Loves the Little Children” and “Jesus Loves Me”. Teachers should encourage the young toddlers to get stand up and clap at the end of the songs as it will help them stay interested in the idea of the lesson and the songs.

Wrap Up the Lesson With a Short Prayer

Include Them in the Prayer at the End of the Lesson

Again, while it may be difficult to keep their attention, just as with any Sunday School lesson, teachers should wrap up their Sunday School lesson by saying a prayer. Teachers will benefit from keeping the prayer short, simple and sweet! The one year olds should be encouraged to fold their hands and close their eyes so they will start to associate this respectful behavior with prayer time. Teachers should explain before that now is a “quiet time” where everyone will speak to God. Before ending the prayer, teachers should pray for each of the one year olds by name. This is an easy way to ensure the one year olds are all included in the lesson and help introduce them to the joys and fun of Sunday School!