Mother’s Day Arts and Crafts for Toddlers

Come May, once again the holiday known as Mother’s Day will be celebrated. Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity for the children to show their mothers how much they are loved by honoring them with some simple hands-on arts and crafts gifts. The following Mother’s Day arts and crafts for toddlers are easy to make, require common inexpensive materials and will surely become a treasured keepsake.

Mothers Day

Lets make this Mother’s Day an extra special day by planning some arts and crafts that will not only keep the children engaged but provide a treasured gift to mothers who deserve to be appreciated for all that they do. The children will have fun making these projects and the mothers will be delighted to receive them. Let’s introduce our children to the importance of the Mother’s Day holiday and allow the children the opportunity to honor their mothers by planning some wonderful arts and crafts that they can give to their moms as gifts.

Mother’s Day Felt Handprints

Children grow so quickly so this Mother’s Day gift will be a perfect way to perceive the memories of just how small their children once were. When mothers see their children’s little handprints on the gift made by their own little toddlers, the memories will be sure to put a smile on any mothers’ face. Let’s give every mother a smile by planning these wonderful arts and crafts.

Materials Needed:

  • 8 by 11 inch piece of felt
  • 8 by 11 inch piece of poster board
  • Old newspaper
  • Tempera paint (white)
  • Large paper plate
  • Cording
  • Hole-punch (teacher)
  • Black marker (teacher)
  • Scissors (teacher)


To begin, place the children in small groups on tables that are covered in old newspaper. Each table should be supplied with felt, poster board, cording and a small amount of white tempera paint poured into a large paper plate. Help the children glue the 8-inch by 11-inch piece of felt to the poster board. (Note: Teachers, trim around the edges with scissors if necessary.)

Tip: Teachers also may prefer to glue the felt and poster board together in advance. This would eliminate a step in the craft and allow for drying time. Teachers, demonstrate to the children how to place their hands in the paint (fingers spread slightly). Teachers assist by placing the children’s hands in the white tempera paint until the palms and fingers are covered. Allow any excess paint to drip from their hands.

Next, teachers will need to assist the children when placing their hands on the felt. Note: Ask the children in advance not to wiggle their hands as they may smear the paint. Teachers, hold the felt down and ask the children to slowly lift their hands. Allow time for the handprints to dry.

Use a hole-punch to punch a hole in each top corner. Tie a piece of cording from one hole to the other to be used as a hanger. Teachers, using a black marker print “Happy Mother’s Day!” across the top of the handprints. The children’s names and the date should also be added to the bottom of the handprints.

A ” Mom” Frame Card

This Mother’s Day frame card is a great arts and crafts idea to make with toddlers since it only requires a few steps. It will be a keepsake that holds special memories. The children will be excited to present their mothers with their own personal frame cards that will display the toddler’s picture.

Materials Needed:

  • Poster board (for the folded card)
  • Poster board (with word “Mom” written in large block letters)
  • Safety scissors
  • Old flower magazines
  • Photograph of each child
  • Tape


To begin, place the children in several small groups at a table supplied with pre-written block letters to spell the word “Mom”, safety scissors, old flower magazines/catalogs for each table and tape. Note: Teachers, need to make sure the letters in the word “Mom” should be large enough for a photograph to be placed behind the letter “o”.

Help the children cut the letters from the poster board. Tip: Teachers may chose to cut the letters in advance to simplify this craft. Let the children cut or tear small pictures of flowers from the flower magazines and glue these pictures to the letters. Next, teachers will need to assist the children on taping their photographs so that the photograph is centered behind the letter “o” in “Mom”.

Use a folded piece of poster board (slightly larger than the “Mom” letters) to use as the card. Have the children glue the letters to the front of the card to spell “Mom” and allow the card to dry. A message may be added to the inside of the card. (Note: Teachers may prefer to write a message after this craft is finished.) The child’s name and date should be added to the inside (right) of this card.

These wonderful Mother’s Day arts and crafts for toddlers are crafts that will be treasured for years to come, not just thrown out like so many other projects. Let’s build some special memories by planning special Mother’s Day arts and crafts. Happy Mother’s Day!