Cards for Mother's Day for Preschool Children to Make

Cards for Mother's Day for Preschool Children to Make
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Mother’s Day

In need of cards for Mother’s Day for preschool children to make that are easy, fun and original? These cards will be exciting hands-on projects. Give the children an opportunity to show their mothers how much they love and appreciate her by planning great preschool Mother’s Day cards.

Come the middle of May, Mother’s Day will be upon us. Cards are a perfect way to thank Mom for all that she does and are also a fabulous way to inspire children’s creativity. Give the children a chance to create cards to take home to their moms. The children will enjoy making them and their moms will be delighted to receive them.

3-D Mothers Day Cards

This 3-D Mother’s Day card is simple and requires very few materials. Allow the children to show their artistic side while decorating this card and have fun.

Materials Needed

  • White poster board (folded in half)
  • Crayons
  • Glue
  • Precut hearts


To begin, place the children in several small groups at a table supplied with a folded piece of white poster board for each child. Crayons, precut hearts and glue will also be needed for each group.

To simplify this craft, you may wish to add prewritten messages. On the front (top portion) of the card, write “Happy Mother’s Day.” On the precut hearts, you may write a variety of messages, such as “I Love You,” “You Are Special, Mom,” “Thanks for Everything,” “#1 Mom” or “Hugs & Kisses For You Mom.”

Read the messages to the children. Allow the children to choose their own messages. Each child should select a heart with a pre-written message. Next, have the children color the heart. The children should fold the heart in half with the message on the outside. The inside and outside of this Mother’s Day card may be colored or decorated as each child desires.

Next, fold the outside edges of the heart forward. The folded edges of the heart need to be glued to the inside of the card. Center the fold on the heart with the fold on the card. The heart will “pop out” when opened.

Meet the Best Mom Card

These cards require very few materials, is easy to make and is unique. The cards require pre-written messages, but allow the children to work fairly independently for the remainder of the project. The children will also develop good social and listening skills.

Materials Needed

  • 10-inch by 20-inch poster board (folded in half to make a 10-inch square card)
  • Old magazines
  • Aluminum foil
  • Safety scissors


Write messages on folded poster board in advance to simplify this craft. On the front (top portion) of each card write, “Open to Meet the Best Mom in the World.” On the inside (left), write “Happy Mother’s Day” and write “You!” on the inside (right).

To begin, separate the children into small groups. Provide each small group with a folded poster board card for each child, old magazines, aluminum foil and safety scissors.

Instruct children to cut pictures of all sorts of mothers out of old magazines using safety scissors. These pictures should be small enough to fit under the pre-written message. Glue these pictures to the front of the card.

Cut pieces of aluminum foil and glue one under the “You!” message inside each card to serve as mirrors. Children may sign their names under the aluminum foil if desired.

Tip: Old flower magazines are a great way to decorate Mother’s Day cards.

Create these unique keepsake Mother’s Day cards in appreciation of all mothers everywhere. Teachers, continue the tradition to plan cards for Mother’s Day for preschool children to make in the classroom. Teachers, your efforts are very much appreciated. Thank you! Happy Mother’s Day!