Two Christmas Card Ideas for Young Children or Toddlers: Bring Christmas Home With Crafts!

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Keep Youngsters Busy Through the Season

Use these Christmas card makes for your younger learners as part of your Christmas unit. These are also great used on their own to make an excellent Christmas keepsake. Utilize these card ideas to teach your toddlers about Christmas. You also reinforce learning of colors and shapes with these cards.

Family Photo Fun Cards

Materials for Cards:

Red and green construction paper

Die-cut Christmas shapes or Christmas cut-outs

Photographs of students and their families

Christmas stickers


Crayons/markers (optional)

Printed message (optional)

Procedure for Cards:

Before doing this craft, have students bring in pictures of themselves and family members. Past holiday photos would be great to use, especially Christmas photos. Make sure that the photos are not close-up shots. You will need five or six photos per student. Trim the photos so that the picture will fit on the die cut shapes.

Pass out construction paper and enough die cut shapes so that each student has one die cut Christmas shape per photo. Have students choose and glue the die-cut shapes or cut-outs onto their construction paper. Next, pass the photos back out to your students. Have your students glue a photo to each die-cut shape that they have. Then, you can let them color and decorate the inside of the card.

Have students fold the construction paper in half. Allow them to decorate the front of the card. Students can use crayons or Christmas stickers. You can also have students glue a printed message of your choice on the front. Some wonderful choices are, “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” or “Family Fun for Christmas.”

Mosaic Christmas Cards

Materials for Craft:

Red or green construction paper

Christmas wrapping paper scraps cut into large squares


Printed message

Glue or glue sticks

Sequins (optional)

Christmas pictures (optional)

Procedure for Craft:

Before doing this craft, it is a good idea to collect Christmas wrapping scraps. You can even ask the parents in your class to contribute. Make sure that you have plenty of wrapping paper for each one of your students to cover the construction paper. Cut the scraps into approximately three or four inch squares.

Pass out the construction paper to your students. Then, pass out all the wrapping paper scraps that you have collected. Have students choose a wrapping paper square and glue it onto the construction paper. Then, have them continue to glue wrapping paper squares onto the construction paper until it is covered in wrapping paper.

Then, allow your toddlers to decorate the wrapping paper mosaic with glitter or sequins. You can also let them color a picture of a Christmas symbol, like a Christmas tree, star, or Santa and glue it to the mosaic. Next, have them fold the paper in half. On the front, have students glue the Merry Christmas or other festive printed message that has been cut into strips.