DIY Toddler Scarf Crafts Using Felt

As the weather grows colder in autumn, toddler teachers can begin planning crafts that correspond with the changes in season. Toddler scarf crafts using felt are particularly handy, as young children can wear these creations whenever they need extra warmth outdoors. These scarves are also quite charming with their felt decorations!

Before making the scarves, teachers can briefly explain to the toddlers why warm clothes are important to wear during fall and winter. Show the children some pictures of scarves in different colors, and tell the class that they will be making colorful scarves of their own.

Cutting and Measuring the Scarf Material

These toddler scarf crafts will be measured and cut by the teacher, though children can participate by choosing the color of their scarves. Offer several color options, such as pink or purple for girls, blue or red for boys, and green or yellow for either gender.

Materials needed:

Bolts of felt in several colors

Sharp scissors

Measuring tape


1) Ask each toddler to pick a color for his or her scarf. Cut the felt into long strips that measure 3 to 4 inches wide.

2) Working with one child at a time, drape the fabric around each toddler’s shoulders, allowing the scarf material to hang loosely. Measure and cut the length of each scarf so that the ends reach the child’s waist.

3) After the scarf has been cut to fit each toddler, use scissors to “fringe” both ends of the scarves.

Cutting and Gluing the Scarf Designs

Add some decoration to these toddler scarf crafts with glued-on felt pieces cut into various shapes. Make a pile of small felt designs using all of the available colors. Suggestions for scarf decorations include snowflakes, leaves, stars, animal shapes, and hearts.

Materials needed:

  • Felt (cut into various designs, 4 or 5 pieces per scarf)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Hot glue gun


1) Place the cut-out felt designs on a table for the toddlers to view. Ask each child which designs he or she would like to have glued onto the scarf. Allow each toddler to pick four or five felt pieces, either all the same or varied.

2) Using a hot glue gun, attach the felt designs to the scarves. Leave a few inches of space between each piece so that the scarf material is evenly decorated.

3) Once the glue has dried, have the children try on their scarves and show them to the class. Ask each child to name the color of the scarf and to identify each design that they chose.

Children can wear their toddler scarfs throughout fall and winter. For additional fun, ask parents to send their toddlers to school wearing the colorful and warm scarves on days when “cold weather walks” are planned.