Preschool Homework Activities That Go Along With a Zoo Theme

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When you are planning preschool homework be sure to keep the activities quick and easy. Homework in preschool should be a fun way to extend the topics the children are learning about at school. Plan activties that parents and children can do together and that the children can easily accomplish so that homework time doesn’t become a stressful time.


Games are an easy homework activity and a fun way to extend a zoo theme. Teach your preschool children an easy game that they can play at home with their parents. Be sure to send home a copy of the instructions so that the parents know what to do.

Who Am I?

Have the parents and children take turns describing an animal they might find at the zoo and letting the other guess the animal.

“I am big and gray and I have along trunk. Who am I?”

“I look like a horse with black and white stripes. Who am I?”

If you want a written record that they played the game, have the parents sign and return the game directions or write down two of the animals that were described in the game.

Matching Games

Matching games are another easy way to reinforce children’s learning. To use them as homework make three or four sets of matching cards and send them home with a few students each night until everyone has had a chance to play. Some ideas for zoo themed matching are:

  • matching baby animals and their parents
  • matching a zoo animal picture with word or first letter of the word
  • matching a zoo animal with the sound it makes

Literacy and Language Activities

These activities will reinforce language and literacy skills at home.

Class Books

Class books are a great way to share what preschool students are learning with their parents. After making a class book like this Zoo Sounds book, place it in a large manila envelope. On the outside of the envelope staple a class list with a note that says, “Please read our book, Zoo Sounds, with your child and return it to class tomorrow so that that the next child can share it with his family.”

Send it home with the first child on the list. When the book is returned cross out that name and send it with the next child until each child has had a chance to read the book.

Here are a few more ideas for class books with a zoo theme.

“At the zoo I saw a _______________.”

“My favorite animal at the zoo is _________________.”

Poems and Songs

Another easy homework idea is to send home a copy of a zoo themed song or poem with each child to share with her family. Be sure that the poem or song is one that the children are familiar with. If you want have the children work with their parents to illustrate the poem and then return them to school.

Zoo Animals

Have your students bring a favorite zoo animal to school to share with the class. You can give them the option of drawing a picture of their favorite animals, cutting one out of a magazine or bringing in a stuffed or plastic animal. This will encourage the children and their parents to discuss their favorite animals and the best way to share it with the class.

Strive to make homework time a fun and educational experience for both parents and children.