Guide to Creating a 9th Grade Contract for Grades

Guide to Creating a 9th Grade Contract for Grades
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What Is a Contract for Grades?

The 9th grade contract for grades is one that helps students, parents, teachers, and administrators reach a consensus on how to best help a student complete current academic work, make up missing work, change classroom behavior and/or improve study habits.

Some schools have basic contracts that teachers can use. However, this article includes a sample one that teachers can use. All contracts between students, parents and teachers should be approved by the school administration.

Who Needs a Contract for Grades?

Some teachers ask students to sign a very basic contract at the beginning of the year that asks for their best work. However, the grade contract is one that can help students when students are struggling with their grades.

The students who struggle with missing assignments or poor assessment marks are super candidates for this grade contract. If students are behavior problems in the classroom, this too can be added to the grade contract as well.


Contract Success

For the contract to be successful, the parents need to be an integral part of the contract. The parents and teacher need to work together. This means that a good line of communication needs to be forged between the parents, teacher and student. Again, the administration should be involved in the contract as well.

The contract needs to stipulate consequences and rewards. These consequences and rewards work best if the parents dole them out at home.

Another important part of the contract is the length of time for the contract. It helps to start out with short deadlines, such as two weeks. Then, the parents, teacher and student can discuss if the contracted needs an extension with new deadlines.

Sample 9th Grade Contract

The following is a sample contract that teachers can use to improve grades in the high school classroom.

Sample Grade Contract Introduction

I, ___________________________ (student’s name), agree to the following grade contract for the ____________________ class.

My parents, _________________________________, also agree to this grade contract. The contract will begin on ______________ and end on _____________________.

Sample Contract Details for Student

___I will turn in all my current work on time for the next two weeks. After two weeks, my parents, teacher and I will assess my progress.

___I will study at an assigned area each night for at least 30 minutes.

___I will make up all my missing assignments within two weeks for half or no credit, as decided by the teacher.

___I will attend tutoring for two weeks to improve my scores on tests and quizzes. If further tutoring is needed, this will be assessed by my parents, the teacher and me.

___I will not disrupt the learning environment for my fellow students.

Sample Contract Details for the Parents or Guardians

___We will communicate with the teacher each week on our child’s progress though email, phone calls or notes home.

___We will offer rewards or consequences after the first week of using the contract. These rewards and consequences will be negotiated before the contract begins. After the first week, the rewards and consequences will be re-assessed.

___We will support our child in his or her efforts to improve his or her grades.

Sample Contract Details for the Teacher

**___**I will keep communication lines open with the parents and support their efforts in helping their child improve his or her grades.

___I will guide the parents to find tutors.

___I will assist the student with learning missed content or missing assignments.

The 9th grade contract for grades is a sample contract that teacher can use in the classroom. Communication is the key for the contract to work properly.


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