Tips on How to Deal with Missing Assignments and Homework

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Tip Number 1 – Post Grades in Classroom

It sounds simple enough, but posting grades weekly allows students to see that they are indeed missing a few or many assignments. If using an electronic grade book, this is a very easy task. Some middle school and even high school students will complete the work and then forget to turn it in to the teacher.

If students are absent, some will forget to get the missing assignments. Posting grades allows students to check that they have everything turned in to the teacher.

It is best to organize the posting by student identification numbers and then list the grades from the highest grade to the lowest. This makes the grades not be in alphabetical order. This allows for anonymity when posting grades.

Tip Number 2 – Send Home Progress Reports at Midterm

At midterm, send home a progress reports to be signed by the parent. The progress report should list the grade, all the assignments and missing ones. If students do not bring back the report signed, then the teacher should call the parent.

Students immediately see their individual missing assignments. Also, this is a quick way to communicate with all of the parents. Many parents will write notes on the progress reports, call or email the teacher once the progress reports have been sent.

Tip Number 3 – Communicate with Parents

This tip probably goes without saying. However, in this busy world, it is difficult to find time to communicate with parents about missing assignments. Many parents do have email now, and it is my communication tool of choice.

Handouts, lists and progress reports can be sent via email these days. Some electronic grade books even post grades and missing assignments online. So, communicating with parents has now become somewhat easier.

Communication with the students and the parent are key to student success. If parents are unresponsive, check in the office about alternative ways of communicating with the parents. Many times students will become successful when teachers keep following up on missing assignments and show that they truly care about the student.

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