Play-Way in Education: Learning Should be Fun and Not Forced

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The Importance of Play in Education

We know the spirit of childhood is play and thus play-way in education insists on child centered education. It advocates educating children through activities in which children can put their heart and soul and work in an atmosphere of freedom and spontaneity.

The modern methods of teaching like kindergarten method, Montessori Method, Dalton plan, Heuristic method, Project method and our craft-centered basic education are all attempts to imbibe play spirit in education.

Education should be fun and not forced. Any activity done in a spirit of fun is not work at all; on the other hand, activities in which the spirit of play is forced or absent should be considered work.

Games as Learning

Activities undertaken in school in the form of hobbies, dramatization, scouting, girl guides, self government, excursion and other curricular activities, teach the important concept that for education to be most effective, education should be fun and not forced.

Educational games serve a good purpose in this direction.

For example, stage play can be used for history and mother tongue. Mathematical games can be used to learn or practice various mathematical facts. We can arrange competition between groups in the class or between different classes in the school and thus make the children interested in knowing so many things of general interest or related with some specific subjects.

In this way play can be used as an effective medium or platform for imparting valuable education to our youngsters. Not only does it pave the way for imparting effective and enduring education; it helps in realizing the broader aims of education. It helps bring the harmonious development of the personality of children by taking care of their physical, mental, emotional, social and moral development. It also provides opportunities for the modification of their behavior and prepares them for getting adjusted to their environment and life. Thus play and the play way can be regarded as an effective means of educating children.