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Fun Classroom Activities Using the iPad

written by: Janelle Cox • edited by: Wendy Finn • updated: 2/8/2012

Looking for a great way to get your students excited about learning? Apple’s iPad is a wonderful way to incorporate technology into your classroom and it is just the way to motivate your students to learn. Read on for ten great iPad classroom activities.

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    ipadbook Educators are always looking for new ways to motivate their students to learn. The iPad is the fastest growing educational tool because it is portable, easy to use and can cost less than textbooks. The capabilities of the iPad are endless. Here are some suggestions of educational apps to install and ideas for making the iPad a successful tool in your classroom.

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    Use the iPad as an E-Book Reader

    One of the best iPad classroom activities that also gets students reading is to use an eBook reader. Load the iPad with several books for students to read. Then have students read the book, and have them answer questions about the book using the Notes app, or a word processor on the iPad.

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    Publish Student's Work Online

    Add the iWork app. For $10 students will be able to do word processing, create slideshows presentations, create spreadsheets and publish their work online at

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    Take Note

    Students can take notes using an iPad note-taking application, that has handwriting recognition. They write their notes down on the iPad and the application converts their hand written notes to type.

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    Research Some Apps

    Have student’s research applications for the iPad and critique them. Have them make a list of 10 apps and critique each one. Then compile all of the student’s research into one big list and publish for the school.

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    Create Class Presentations to Remember

    Add the Keynote app for $10. This application will allow students to create magnificent class presentations just by the touch of theiripadclassroom  fingertips. By only a tap and a drag of their fingertip, students will be able to create photos, charts, tables, videos and other multimedia elements and present them to their classmates.

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    Get Blogging

    Start a classroom blog. This is a great way to keep in touch with students and parents. Assign students roles such as writers, proof readers etc. To start your classroom blog go to

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    Use Educational Games

    Download educational games applications to compliment whatever subject you are teaching. Apple’s iTunes store has a variety of iPad educational games across all levels.

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    Create a Newspaper

    Have students search through online newspapers to get ideas of articles then have them create their own newspaper article using the iPad's iWork app. They can publish their newspaper article on

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    Create a Poem

    Download the free app called, Poetry Magnets. This application is a fun way for students to create a poem by dragging text tiles to make sentences. There are five categories and over 200 themed words in each category for the students to choose from.

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    Learn More About the US Presidents

    The Presidency application is an excellent resource for information about the 44 United States Presidents. Use this free app to have students research a President that you assign them. Then have students create a presentation about their assigned President using the keynote app.

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    The iPad is a powerful tool in education. These 10 classroom uses for the iPad not only add excitement to the classroom, but get the students motivated to learn through the use of technology. This is just the beginning of new technology; its uses for the classroom are endless.


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