Recording School Counselor Progress Notes for Measurement Student Progress

Just the Facts, Ma’am

School counselor progress notes should include information on the student based on the facts surrounding their counseling and referral

The Team: The Teacher and the School Counselor

as well as observations that the counselor makes regarding the student. Typically, only students that are struggling are sent to the school counselor; therefore, the school counselor should tailor a specific approach to guide each student toward either better behavior or better study habits, as the particular case may warrant. Keeping student progress notes in a digital format allows for the convenient addition of date-by-date updates to the initial document. It is important to reassess the situation at regular intervals and follow up to form an accurate progress note.

The following is an example of a school counselor progress note with several varied date entries:

Example: School Counselor Progress Note

Sept 1, 2015 10:20 AM

Student: Johnny Example (Gr. 4)

Referring teacher: Ms. Mathteacher

Reason for referral as outlined by Ms. Mathteacher:

Hello Mr. Counselor,

Today, during our basic multiplication lesson, Johnny repeatedly disrupted the class by throwing erasers at other students. After attempting to discipline him by giving him a five-minute time-out in the hallway, he proceeded to place a thumbtack on my seat. Please talk to him and contact his parents if necessary to rectify the situation.

Counselor notes:

Upon early observation, Johnny seemed quite upset to be sent out into the hallway for a time-out. After exploring the issue with Johnny, I have come to the conclusion that Johnny was throwing erasers because he felt nervous at the prospect of having to answer questions relating to his multiplication tables, which he seems to be having some academic difficulty with. I called Johnny's parents with Johnny in the room and explained the situation relating to the erasers and the tack he placed on Ms. Mathteacher's chair, and I reinforced with Johnny that such behavior is unacceptable. His parents have promised to speak with him on the matter when he arrives home and will help him review his multiplication tables.

Additional notes:

September 12, 2015 1:30 PM

I spoke with Ms. Mathteacher regarding Johnny's behavior and academic difficulties that occurred just over a week ago; Ms. Mathteacher has noted that while his behavior has improved, he is still struggling with the multiplication tables. At my suggestion, Ms. Mathteacher and I made a conference call to Johnny's parents suggesting some extra after school tutoring for Johnny. His parents said that due to the fact he rides the bus home, this was unrealistic; however, we then arrived at the conclusion that if Johnny stays in during a few scattered recesses over the next few weeks to receive extra assistance, his parents will offer him a small positive reinforcement reward of their choosing.

September 22, 2015 10:50 AM

I sat down today during the morning recess break with Ms. Mathteacher and Johnny. He was able to successfully recite his multiplication tables and proudly showed me his new Yu-Gi-Oh card, which his parents had gifted him for his good behavior and academic improvement. The issue appears to be resolved, and I will note any subsequent information as it becomes available.