How to Throw an End of Year Class Party at the End of the School Year

It's the end of the school year and everyone is happy. Most of the students have been working hard and studying all year long and now they want to celebrate! A great way to celebrate the last day of school is with an end year of class party. Here are some ideas and tips on how to throw a class party at the end of the school year that is sure to be fun and enjoyable.

Have Each Student Bring Whatever Food They Want

When throwing an end of year class party, eating food and snacks is a great way to celebrate the end of the school year. Allow the students to each bring some type of food or drink to the class party as long as the food is safe and they can bring enough for everyone. This way there will be a great variety of foods and the students will be happy that they can eat and share the foods that they like. Be sure to bring plenty of disposable plates, cups, napkins, and utensils for all of the food. The teacher should bring food too.

Play Music

Having some fun and enjoyable music playing in class during the end of year class party is another way to lighten the mood during the last day of school. Have a radio or stereo speaker set up and allow the students to choose what music they want to hear. The students can bring their own CDs or playlists and you can play them on the class speaker. Make sure the music is enjoyable and not offensive to some students. It's ok to have the music played loud but not loud enough that it disturbs other classrooms nearby.

Watch a Movie

This is a great idea that is sure to please most students during the end of year class party. Choose an enjoyable movie that most of the class would agree to watch and have it played on the class television or projection. Choose something fun like a new release movie, a comedy, an animation movie, or a family movie. Make sure that the movie is age appropriate; no movies showing excessive violence, sexual activity, or drug use.

Play a Class Game

Play a game on the last day of class that involves all the students. Some ideas for end of the year class party games to play are board games, video games, sports games, and academic games. Some ideas for board games are Bingo, Monopoly, or chess. Everyone can play a game together or the class can be split up and games can be played in groups.

The end of the year class party is a time to have fun, unwind, and celebrate the end of the school year. Some great things to have in a class party are to have the students choose or bring their own food, play music, watch a movie, and/or play a class game. But the most important thing to have at an end of year class party is fun!

Looking for more ideas? Why not consider choosing a theme for your end of year class party!