A Review of Enchanted Learning for Kids: Free Worksheets

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What’s Included (5 out of 5)

EnchantedLearning.com is an educational website which offers some great material and resources for teachers. Ranging from grades K-12 the site offers over 20,000 pages in various topics including but not limited to:

  • Writing
  • Physical Sciences
  • Biology
  • K-3 Activities
  • Geography
  • History
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Math
  • Music

Resources and printables include worksheets, class activities, lesson sheets, books to print, and even monthly activity calendars.

Monthly Activities

The monthly activity is a great resource for any teacher. Every month you are presented with a new online calendar. Each day marks a new celebration of some sort on the calendar. With each commemorative day comes a direct link to one of the many worksheets. For example January 29 marks the day Kansas became a state in the United States of America in 1861. If you were to click on this day on your calendar then the link would bring you to a short lesson on Kansas as well as a quiz. This monthly calendar is a great way to find short cut activities, fillers, and lessons pertaining to events in history. Not only can you see the current monthly calendar but you can also see the archived calendars back to January 2002 as well as the upcoming calendars until December 2009.

Little Explorers

The K-3 section offers an online dictionary called Little Explorers. There are almost 2,500 words with definitions and pictures to accompany the word. Printable stories can also be found on this site which is accompanied by activities and worksheets. You can print a story with along with worksheets for a reading lesson!

The Language of Worksheets

I think the most fantastic topic which is covered on this site is language. You can find worksheets and activities for many languages including Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, German, Portuguese, and Swedish. You can have access to plenty of activities if you are a foreign language teacher or if you want to include some foreign language during a lesson!

Easy Navigation

Enchanted Learning is an easy site to move through. The pictures are colorful and everything is set up clearly so there is no confusion as you search through worksheets and activities. For the price of only $20 a year for a single user or teacher this site is definitely worth it. For the price of $75 for a year for a whole school, this means every teacher in the school can use the membership for the paid year. This site is actually a steal! I recommend browsing this site and searching through the sample material. If you are like me and like a simple and affordable way to gain educational material, Enchanted Learning is for you!