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Visualization and Description exercise

You may feel that you are not able to perform well in tests and obtain good grades due to lack of good memory and lack of good IQ to sufficiently grasp a topic. However, it is also true that a large number of students who are unable to perform well in tests actually have very good to average IQ. However, they still under perform repeatedly due to their lack of interest in a particular subject or school studies as a whole. Yoga breathing methods as well as Visualization exercises will help students in overcoming both these setbacks.

How to Visualize

Find a well-ventilated and quiet room and sit comfortably in a chair. Then close your eyes, with your back straight and your palms upon your knees. Then visualize in your mind a particular person performing an action and try it describe it verbally in as much detail and clarity as possible.

Suppose Michael Jordan is your favorite sportsperson. Make him the main figure in your imagination exercise. Try to imagine Michael Jordan in his full jersey, playing for your favorite team. He is playing with tremendous energy and shows superlative skill in dribbling his opponents and scoring again and again. He helps his teammates to do the same, playing the role of game maker. Your favorite team then wins a tough match against a formidable adversary. It is a great victory, which helps secure the championship trophy. He laughs heartily and then shows the newly won trophy to all the fans. Then he hugs you, kisses you and says ‘‘it is all for you’’ loudly, still laughing. He then gathers all your close friends and does the same with them. Then he does the victory lap and starts dancing and singing around the trophy along with you and your friends. Finally he hugs you once again and then leaves along with his teammates for more rejoicing with the team owners.

You have to visualize these images in action with all your power of imagination, as if you were seeing the images right in front of you in a large movie screen. Filled with color details, like a basketball court, lighting, and decoration in the stadium for the final match, the huge crowd and fans of both sides chanting their team name. Try to describe this particular image verbally to yourself in as much detail as possible. Then go on to describe the actions that Michael Jordan is performing in your mental images in a similar way. Finally when you reach the end of this exercise, try to recapitulate what Michael Jordan has done in your imaginary moving images in proper sequence. Like first he alights from the team bus, then he plays the match and wins the game, greets me, then repeats the same with all my friends, then sings and dances around the trophy and finally leaves.


The recapitulation of main events should only take a few seconds. Do not be impatient or feel sorry for yourself. Feel happy and privileged in the imaginary presence of your favorite characters. Do this exercise for ten to fifteen minutes everyday. The best time to practice is before and during sunrise and sunset.

Slowly but surely your mental capacity to visualize persons, events will improve and your description with words will get better significantly. Gradually you will find that your power of observation, stock of words, learning capacity will also improve greatly. Remember to vary your practice with different characters or events everyday and try to slowly enhance your quality of imagination and description of the same. Within a month your IQ scores should improve.

Yoga Breathing

One highly beneficial breathing exercise is Chanting with breath.

For this exercise, sit in the same posture as in above exercises and then speak aloud the word ‘Jesus’ or ‘God’ in your mother tongue while slowly exhaling from your mouth. The breath of exhaled air should originate from your abdomen and leave from your mouth in a slow relaxed manner. After you have practiced doing so for a 10-12 times, you should try to imagine that Jesus Christ has indeed appeared before you and blessing you with all his divine power. Do this whole exercise for 2-3 minutes everyday.

You should do the visualization and description exercise after the Yoga breathing exercises and then relax by lying on the floor, with your limbs outstretched and your mind free from any thoughts. Rise up after 4-5 minutes, wash your face and get along with your studies.

Whenever you find the time, you should engage yourself in outdoor sports activities. Lack of physical exercise, affects our mental faculties too. Exercising in a gym or playing a game you like is an excellent way to get rid of tension, anxiety and any negative thoughts.

You will definitely be able increase your IQ and patience for school studies if you keep practicing these exercises regularly. Remember persistence is the key to success.

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