Creating a Modified Lesson Plan to Help Students Preview and Predict in Reading

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Modified Lesson Plan

Lesson Objective: Students will read the passage and learn reading strategies to preview and predict the outcome by responding to questions.

Vocabulary: Students will create a vocabulary list from the passage beginning with the lesson objectives of “preview and predict.”

  • Preview – dfn. – Scan the article looking for an overview that includes new vocabulary words, title of the article, any pictures or designs and active key words.

  • Predict – dfn. – In reading the article, ask yourself the main questions of “What happens next?” “Why does the event happen next?” and “What are the clues and quotes in the reading that predict what will happen next?”

Reading Passage

A Math Class Dilemma Title

Dilan glanced around the classroom. Mr. Knox was at his computer inputting grades from the last quiz two days ago. The other students were busy scribbling answers to the 10 math problems on the quiz. Dilan was finding it hard to keep up with the quizzes and daily math assignments in his 6th grade math class. Middle school was tough, but Mr. Knox’s class was impossible.

Dilan slowly unfolded the small rectangular wad under his desk that had been tapped inside his shirt sleeve. A slight rustle of the paper caused Mr. Knox to look up and scan the class. Dilan pretended to be engrossed in problem solving. Mr. Knox went back to his computer. The clock was ticking quickly towards the end of class and a zero on Dilan’s quiz as he once again attempted to unfold the wad that contained similar problems to the ones on the quiz.

He looked up again and found the coast clear. Sliding the wad underneath his quiz, Dilan began to answer the problems until he got to the last one. Looking up, he saw that Kathryn was staring at him and his wad across the aisle. He stared at her and stopped unsure of what to do now that he had been caught. Raising her hand, Kathryn cleared her throat and said, “Mr. Knox…”

Reading Activities

  • Have students preview the reading passage to look for the title, key words and reading clues.

  • Have students highlight new vocabulary and add the new words to the vocabulary list. Provide them with a dictionary to write out the definitions.

  • Have students actively read the passage for meaning.

  • Create a list of questions for responses.

Questions for Responses:

  1. What is happening in the passage? Underline the sentences that support your prediction.
  2. Why do you think Dilan is engaging in the defined action?
  3. What do you think will happen when Kathryn speaks to the teacher? Why do you think this action will happen?
  4. What would you do if you found yourself in Dilan’s place? In Kathryn’s place?

Closure: Teachers can provide closure to the lesson by having students reflect in their journal on what they read and how they would have responded if they were in Dilan’s, Mr. Knox’s or Kathryn’s shoes. This modified lesson can be used in a variety of classroom activities, as a primary or secondary lesson for students in elementary, middle or secondary school.