Lesson Plan for Asking and Answering Questions about Colors in Spanish

Repasar las Oraciones y el Vocabulario – Review Sentences and Vocabulary

Begin the ¿Cuál Es Tu Color Favorito? Cuestionario activity by reviewing the words for colors in Spanish as well as the questions and answers relevant to asking various people about their favorite colors. Students should be able to both ask and answer questions about favorite colors. For a handout of the questions and answers and a list of Spanish colors, please download the printable supplement ¿Cuál Es Tu Color Favorito? Spanish Vocabulary.

Hacer las Preguntas – Ask Questions

Divide the class into small groups of two to three students. Each student should take turns asking the other students in the small groups the questions about their favorite colors. For example, student one might ask student two ¿Cuál es tu color favorito? "What is your favorite color?" to which student two could reply Me gusta naranja "I like orange." Student two could then ask student three ¿Cuál es el color favorito de tu amiga? "What is your friend’s favorite color?" to which student three would might respond Su color favorito es negro "Her favorite color is black." The students should write down all their answers about their favorite colors in Spanish.

Trazar los Resultados – Chart the Results

After taking turns asking each other questions about their favorite colors, the members of the small student groups should create visual charts of their findings to share with the rest of the class. For example, a sample pie chart of favorite Spanish colors might look like:

Sample ¿Cuál Es Tu Color Favorito? Chart

The students should also practice counting with Spanish numbers while charting the results of the question and answer session.

Compartir los Resultados – Share the Results

After charting the questionnaire results, each small group should share its results with the rest of the class. For example, the group that created the chart above could report A cinco personas les gusta rojo "Five people like red," A dos personas les gusta Amarillo "Two people like yellow," A seis personas les gusta verde "Six people like green," A ocho personas les gusta azul "Eight people like blue," and A cuatro personas les gusta lila "Four people like lavender." The students can also report their individual favorite colors. Por ejemplo, me gusta mucho rosado, y el color favorito de mi compañero de clase es azul. "For example, I like pink very much, and my classmate’s favorite color is blue."

Preguntas y Respuestas – Questions and Answer

  • ¿Cuál es tu color favorito? – What is your favorite color?
  • Mi color favorito es… – My favorite color is…
  • Me gusta… – I like…

  • ¿Cuál es mi color favorito? – What is my favorite color?
  • Tu color favorito es… – Your favorite color is…
  • Te gusta… – You like…

  • ¿Cuál es el color favorito de tu compañero/a de clase? – What is your classmate’s favorite color?
  • El color favorito de mi compañero/a de clase es… – My classmate’s favorite color is…
  • Su color favorito es… – His/Her favorite color is…
  • A mi compañero/a de clase le gusta… – My classmate likes…

  • ¿Cuál es el color favorito de tu madre? – What is your mother’s favorite color?
  • El color favorito de mi madre es… – My mother’s favorite color is…
  • Su color favorito es… – Her favorite color is…
  • A mi madre le gusta… – My mother likes…

  • ¿Cuál es el color favorito de tu padre? – What is your father’s favorite color?
  • El color favorito de mi padre es… – My father’s favorite color is…
  • Su color favorito es… – His favorite color is…
  • A mi padre le gusta… – My father likes…

  • Otras Personas – Other People
  • el amigo – male friend
  • la amiga – female friend
  • el hermano – brother
  • la hermana – sister
  • el professor – male teacher
  • la profesora – female teacher

Los Colores – Colors

  • rojo – red
  • grana – dark red
  • granate – maroon
  • bordo – burgundy
  • malva – mauve
  • naranja – orange
  • mostaza – mustard yellow
  • amarillo – yellow
  • verde – green
  • esmerelda – emerald
  • azul – blue
  • celeste – sky blue
  • morado – purple
  • violeta – violet
  • lila – lavender
  • rosado – pink
  • negro – black
  • marrón – brown
  • café – dark brown
  • blanco – white
  • gris – gray
  • plateado – silver
  • dorado – gold
  • beige – beige

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