Spanish Color Song and Game to Teach Students Color Words in Spanish

Spanish Color Song and Game to Teach Students Color Words in Spanish
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Sing It Often!

Students learn the words of any song by repetitively singing, so sing often to give them the opportunity to memorize the words. If you are unsure about the pronunciation of the Spanish words in this song be sure practice before teaching it. It is important to that the students learn the proper pronunciation. With this catchy tune, students will learn the color words in Spanish in no time.

Print the color word song written in Spanish as a shared reading text. Have the students compare the English and Spanish words, noticing similarities and differences. You also might want to write the color words on chart paper in the corresponding color. So, print green with a green marker for example. In one first session, have them circle the color word you call out in English. In the next session have them circle the color word you call out in Spanish.

Sung to the tune of Frere Jacques

Red is Rojo

Green is Verde

Blue, Azul

Negro, Black

Yellow, Amarillo

Purple is Morado

Grey is Gris

Brown, Marron

Note- teach the colors white (Bianco), orange (Anaranjado), and pink (Rosa) separately.

After the students know the song very well, ask them, “What is the color red in Spanish”, “What is the color black in Spanish” and so forth. Be sure that students articulate the Spanish word.

This is a Kindergarten color song in Spanish, taught by a Spanish teacher, which is popular with Spanish children so a reference is unavailable.

After the Song, Play a Game

After students are familiar with the color words in both English and Spanish, have them play a matching game by matching the English and Spanish words. Both English and Spanish color words can be taught at the same time, but it is more beneficial if the students have more practice learning English color words first before they play the matching game independently.

Use a crayon pattern to download from abcteach. Copy (or trace) the crayons on the appropriate color card stock or construction paper, twice. Print the words in English on the corresponding crayon (for example print the word, Green on the green crayon pattern). Repeat by printing the Spanish word on the corresponding crayon (for example, print the word, Verde on the green crayon pattern). Last, laminate the cards so they can be used again and again. Students match the colors and the color words.

This can also be played in a group activity. Sit in a circle. Pass out both the English and the Spanish color cards. Call out a color. The student’s holding the cards stand up and read the card they possess.

As an assessment, print the English and Spanish words on the crayon pattern and have the students color the crayon the correct color, or only print the Spanish word and students color the crayon pattern in the correct color.

This is shared with you from Kindergarten classroom experience in teaching color words, enjoy!