Spanish Learning Game with Dice: Free Activity Learning for Spanish Vocabulary


When I started teaching Spanish, all the other language teachers in my district kept talking about how they were going to use the dice game in their classrooms. It was like some super-secret club for Spanish teachers, and no one had let me in on that secret. Luckily, I was blessed with forthcoming and friendly colleagues who soon clued me in on the wonders of this awesome Spanish learning game. Now, I pass those on to you with this free lesson for incorporating a Spanish learning game in your classroom.

Set up the Game

In order to play the dice game, you will need:

  1. Worksheets for each student (see download for a sample).
  2. Pair of dice for each student.

If you don't have dice on hand, you can usually purchase them at discount or mass retail stores. I recommend trying to find the soft foam variety – they're quieter. If you don't have enough funding to purchase 30 pair of dice, you can get half as many as you will need and have your students work in pairs on this activity.

Skills to Teach

The dice game is a great way for your students to practice creating sentences. It spices up this necessary activity with a little bit of chance.

To play the dice game, you will need to give each of your students a worksheet containing two lists of words. You can use this game to teach subject/verb agreement, adjective description, likes/dislikes, and any other strategy where they have to put at least two words into a sentence.

The sample worksheet will give you some ideas. Use it to generate your own inspiration for creative and fun ways to use this game.

Play the Game

Once each student (or student pair) has their equipment – worksheet containing two lists of words and a pair of dice – have them get out a piece of paper and pen or pencil. You can also do this activity orally or on the board.

To play the game, students will roll the dice. The first rolled number should correspond to a word on list one, and the second rolled number should correspond to a word on list two. Then students use those two words (and add a few of their own) to compose a grammatically correct sentence.


Dice roll – #3 and #5

List one: Word #3 is "yo."

List two: Word #5 is "bailar."

Student creates a sentence: Yo bailo en el disco.

Students can keep going until your time is up, or until they have used every word from both lists at least one time. You can also have them trade papers with a classmate when finished and work on translating each other's sentences back into English for extra practice.

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