Spanish Lesson Plans for La Escuela

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A Must in the Curriculum

Are you looking for Spanish lesson plans on la escuela? La escuela is an important unit for new Spanish language learners. The vocabulary introduced within the lesson will serve as a basis for their classroom communication for years to come.


  • paper
  • pencils
  • whiteboard
  • whiteboard markers


Introduce essential vocabulary for la escuela. An emphasis is placed equally upon speaking, reading, writing and listening. Some prepositions will also be introduced in this lesson so that students can do the class activity.


1. Introduce the new vocabulary to the students. As you write the Spanish word and the English word on the whiteboard, have them repeat it after you. Also, make sure that they write down the vocabulary words in their notes so they can have them to refer to later if they forget.

A recommended vocabulary list would include these 20 words:

  • board: el pizarrón
  • book: el libro
  • calculator: la calculadora
  • class: la clase
  • clock: el reloj
  • computer: la computadora
  • desk: el pupitre
  • eraser: el borrador
  • gym: el gimnasio
  • homework: la tarea
  • library: la biblioteca
  • map: el mapa
  • notebook: el cuaderno
  • pen: la pluma
  • pencil: el lápiz
  • projector: el proyector
  • ruler: la regla
  • school: la escuela
  • table: la mesa
  • teacher: el professor

2. Practice the vocabulary with the students. Point to various objects in the classroom and see if students can recall the correct vocabulary word. Make sure to emphasize correct pronunciation. Also, be certain to teach the feminine and masculine article adjectives. This will make it easier for them to recall if the noun is feminine or masculine.

3. Introduce prepositions for the students. Some simple examples would include:

  • above: sobre de
  • inside of: dentro de
  • under: debajo de

4. Hand out a piece of paper to the students or have the students get out their own paper. The students will draw a picture of a classroom on their sheets of paper. Then, they will have to find a partner and describe the picture to the partner using Spanish. Without seeing the drawing, their partner will have to draw all of the objects in the correct location. Before you have them form into pairs, have one of the students come up and demonstrate the activity with you.

An example of your demonstration might go like this:

Teacher: La pluma está dentro del pupitre

.(Student draws a pen inside of a desk)

Teacher: El reloj está sobre del pizarrón.

(Student draws a clock above the board)

Teacher: El libro está debajo del pupitre.

( Student draws a book under the desk)

5. Have students draw a picture of a classroom and then form into partners. Encourage them to use only Spanish for this activity. Give them each two to five minutes to describe their drawings to their partner before switching roles.

6. As a class, review the vocabulary words again. Say the English word and see if they can tell you the Spanish word.

Spanish lesson plans for la escuela can be an enjoyable experience for your classroom. Have the students use as much Spanish as they can during the activity. Speaking in another language can be intimidating for new language learners so always make sure to positively encourage them to try their best.